TBH Summer Grand Prix: Race 5 results


Provisional results from Race 5 of the Summer Grand Prix can be found below.


Well done to Scott Wilkinson, who, with 400m to go, overtook long time leader Michael Wisely to finish strongly in a time of 19:15.

Having relinquished first spot so close to the finishing line, Michael was determined to hold on to second place and ran his heart out to fend off a rapidly approaching Kirsten Loy in the final 20 metres.


Quickest time of the evening went to Sparrow Morley, making a welcome return to the club and recording a time of 11:41 around the 2.25 mile course.


As ever, many thanks to all the members who volunteered their services during the race.


NameRace TimeNet Time
Scott Wilkinson00:19:1500:17:45
Michael Wisely00:20:0000:20:00
Kirsten Loy00:20:0400:18:04
Jessica Anderson00:20:2400:19:54
Alan Alexander00:20:2500:14:55
Charlie Townsend00:20:2900:12:59
Phil Scott00:20:3000:13:00
Jonathan Longrigg00:20:3200:13:02
Lyndsay Thompson00:20:3500:15:35
Will Johnson00:20:3700:13:07
Sparrow Morley00:20:4100:11:41
Nick Pearson00:20:4100:13:41
John Tollitt00:20:4700:13:17
David Appleby00:20:4700:13:17
Howard MacLennan00:20:5300:15:23
John Reicher00:20:5400:13:24
Rachel Case00:20:5500:15:25
Sandy Anderson00:20:5800:17:58
Andrew Keogan00:21:0100:15:31
Chris Huitson00:21:0400:12:34
Iain Dalby00:21:0700:14:37
Craig Davison00:21:0800:14:38
David Anderson00:21:0900:12:39
Francois Albertini00:21:1800:16:48
Charley Blackburn00:21:1900:18:49
Arnaud Albertini00:21:1900:16:49
Faye Slade00:21:2500:19:25
Adrian Hall00:21:2500:13:55
Emma Moir00:21:2600:17:56
Keith Rooney00:21:3100:14:01
Margaret Finn00:21:3300:19:33
Emma Giles00:21:4700:18:17


The final race of the series is scheduled for Tuesday, 1st September 2015.

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