Results round-up: 19th July 2015

A round-up of races featuring Tyne Bridge Harriers.


Run Northumberland Kirkley 10K: Wednesday, 15th July 2015

33:50 Kurt Heron 1st Overall :good:

37:57 Alistair Spanner 1st MV40 :good:

38:58 Alex Black

40:12 Edwin Wong

43:08 James Knox

45:01 Steve Bond

48:57 Daniel Greenhough 10K PB :thumbsup:

57:59 Roger Heath 10K PB :thumbsup:

59:18 Clare Savory

Kurt, Alistair & Alex also won the Men’s team prize :thumbsup:

Race winners: Ella Brown (Alnwick Harriers) & Kurt Heron (Tyne Bridge)

Race winners: Ella Brown (Alnwick Harriers) & Kurt Heron (Tyne Bridge)

Full results can be found here.



Summer Coast Road 5K (Redcar): Wednesday, 15th July 2015

16:26 David Johnson

Provisional results can be found here.



Self Transendence 2 Mile (Edinburgh): Wednesday, 15th July 2015

12:36 Steve Pattison MV55 Club Record :good:

Full results can be found here.



Sunderland 5K: Wednesday, 15th July 2015

15:37 Tom Charlton PB :good:

15:38 Terry Scott PB & 1st MV40 :good:

15:44 Finn Brodie PB :good:

16:23 Alex Polding PB :good:

16:43 Paul Turnbull PB :good:

16:50 Ian Pickett PB :good:

16:54 Chris Graham PB :good:

16:55 Stephen Barker PB :good:

17:13 Andy Smythe

17:13 David Moir SB :thumbsup:

17:20 Matty Tomlinson SB :thumbsup:

17:20 Keith Smith SB :thumbsup:

17:39 Jon Moss

17:43 Alison Dargie PB :good:

17:58 Douglas Tinkler

18:05 David Colpitts PB :good:

18:28 Paul Waller PB :good:

18:32 Andy Harrison SB :thumbsup:

18:39 David Antill PB :good:

18:42 Nick Varley PB :good:

18:51 Louise Rodgers PB :good:

19:12 Sophie Marr SB :thumbsup:

19:31 Richard Tailford PB :good:

19:38 Nick Pearson SB :thumbsup:

20:28 Joy Fenwick PB :good:

21:26 Micky Baker SB :thumbsup:

Full results can be found here.



Northern Frontrunners LGBT 5K: Friday, 17th July 2015

16:17 Kurt Heron 2nd place :good:

17:41 Chris Huitson PB :good:

17:44 Ian Pickett

17:54 Paul O’Mara

18:54 Rob Wishart

19:10 Adrian Hall PB :good:

19:38 Paul Waller

19:48 Edwin Wong

19:50 Sophie Marr

19:35 Philip Scott PB :good:

21:05 Louise Lennox

21:13 Jenny Logue

21:00 Iain Dalby PB :good:

21:54 Matt Walker

21:53 Sunshine Cat

21:36 Peter Kennedy

22:08 David Rowe

22:19 Chris Bartlett PB :good:

22:40 Andrew Crawford

22:24 Ian Maholam

22:46 Neil Banks SB :thumbsup:

22:49 Andrew Keogan

23:36 Kerry Reed

23:18 Neil Capstick

23:24 Ian Walton PB :good:

23:24 Nicola Brady

23:57 Daniel Greenhough

23:46 Amy Whitelaw PB :good:

23:53 Danny Fletcher PB :good:

24:28 Laura Dickson PB :good:

24:28 Adam Jones

25:03 Stephen Hall

26:10 Michelle Bannan

26:11 Michael Nemeth

26:57 Victoria Forster

27:09 Alexander Anderson

27:52 Eoghan Quigley

27:54 Faye Slade

27:56 Jenny Headland

28:16 Scott Wilkinson

28:25 Lisa McConnell PB :good:

28:36 Charly Blackburn

29:26 Sheetal Sharma

29:52 Sian Salter

29:52 Laura Carrick

29:56 Lisa Soulsby

30:55 Paul Black

31:51 Louise Kelly

31:57 Margaret Eccles

31:57 Elaine O’Mara PB :good:

34:48 Penny Wilmott

36:06 Deborah Airey

36:16 Evie Maholam

pre-race warm-up: TBH style

pre-race warm-up: TBH style

Sunshine smiles

Sunshine smiles

Full results can be found here.



Musselburgh Festival 10K: Saturday, 18th July 2015

42:55 Steve Pattison

Full results can be found here.



Ironman UK (Bolton): Sunday, 19th July 2015

11:58:59 Mark Hall :good:

Congratulation to former TBH member Gareth Huxley who finished in 35th place overall and 1st in his rank.

Full results can be found here.



Northumberland Coastal Run: Sunday, 19th July 2015

1:18:46 Tom Charlton 3rd place :good:

1:29:43 Paul O’Mara

1:30:14 Stephen Barker

1:32:30 Matt Davison

1:36:36 Alasdair Blain

1:36:46 Andy Harrison

1:39:03 Jonathan Longrigg

1:39:26 Neal Richardson

1:39:28 John Tollitt

1:39:43 Alex Lockwood

1:39:48 Richard Tailford

1:40:27 James Robson

1:41:08 Sophie Marr

1:41:08 Louise Rodgers

1:41:39 Edwin Wong

1:41:40 John Hurse

1:41:40 David Dickson

1:43:50 Adrian Hall

1:44:11 Philip Scott

1:44:12 Arnaud Albertini

1:45:08 Chris Sumsion

1:47:49 Simon Pryde

1:53:01 Kerry Reed

1:53:28 Charlotte Carpenter

1:56:00 Rebecca Parkin

1:57:47 Matt Walker

1:59:10 Stuart Dickson

1:59:16 Helen Richardson

1:59:47 Chris Parkin

2:00:21 Andy Walton

2:03:58 Nicola Brady

2:03:59 Alexandra Battersby

2:06:18 Joanne Wood

2:09:24 Ruth Lee

2:13:06 Angela McBrien

2:13:13 Kayoung Goffe

2:17:47 Ian Walton

2:17:49 Gemma Cowan

2:22:08 Margaret Eccles

2:32:16 Alison Bulman

2:32:16 Morag Kerry

2:42:35 Clare Savory

2:42:35 Sara James

Tom on his way to 3rd place

Tom on his way to 3rd place

Ed, David & JH enjoying their day beside the seaside

Ed, David & JH enjoying their day beside the seaside

Rusty, Sara & Clare

Rusty, Sara & Clare

Full results can be found here.



Please get in touch if you took part in a race which isn’t listed above or if your name is missing from the results.

(note: PB’s and SB’s taken from RunBritain results)

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    • Roger Heath on 17th July 2015 at 08:36
    • Reply

    My Kirkley 10K time was a 10k PB for me :-)

    1. Congratulations Roger. I’ve marked it in the results.

    • paul o'mara on 20th July 2015 at 12:15
    • Reply

    Elaine o’mara was a 5k pb for the Northern runners lgbt 5k race

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