TBH Summer Grand Prix: Race 4 Results

A set of provisional results from this evening’s race [Tuesday, 14th July 2015] can be viewed below.

First over the finishing line was Sara James :thumbsup: closely followed by Jessica Anderson and Lyndsey Thompson.

Posting the quickest time around the 2.25 mile course was Kurt Heron, recording a time of 11m 15s :good:

With sun making a belatedly entrance of the day, it was a toss-up of who got the best of the warm conditions, those taking part in the race or the members volunteering around the course.

As always, massive thanks to everyone who helped out during the race, including Matt & Richard from Run Nation for setting up the timing equipment, and thanks to the runners for supporting the race.


PosNameRace TimeNet Time
1Sara James00:20:3000:20:30
2Jessica Anderson00:20:4400:20:43
3Lyndsey Thompson00:20:5500:16:26
4Neil Middleton00:20:5600:16:26
5Tommy Johnson00:20:5700:16:56
6Mark Bousfield00:21:0400:14:33
7Paul Robinson00:21:3600:17:06
8Andrew Keogan00:21:3900:15:43
9Michael Nemeth00:21:4000:16:39
10Paul Routledge00:21:4600:14:45
11Heather Dorman00:21:5400:14:54
12Alan Maccauley00:21:5500:15:24
13Sandy Anderson00:21:5600:18:25
14Stuart Dickson00:21:5700:15:02
15James Knox00:21:5700:13:56
16Craig Davison00:21:5800:14:59
17Emily Mavin00:22:0000:17:59
18Natasha Baldwin00:22:0300:19:32
19Margaret Finn00:22:0300:19:03
20Lysanne Jurriansen00:22:0500:15:36
21Chris Parkin00:22:0500:16:04
22Neil Banks00:22:0700:16:06
23Tyrone Murphy00:22:0900:14:37
24Matthew Kingston00:22:1300:13:12
25Kurt Heron00:22:1600:11:15
26Faye Slade00:22:1600:19:15
27Adrian Hall00:22:1700:13:16
28Jake Dorman00:22:1800:13:47
29Lee Allan00:22:2000:13:49
30Tony Kerr00:22:2500:18:25
31Karen Walker00:22:2500:16:24
32Howard Maclennan00:22:3600:15:34
33Paul O'Mara00:22:3900:12:38
34Will Johnson00:22:4000:13:39
35Jenny Logue00:22:4200:14:48
36Joel English00:22:4600:12:16
37Emma Moir00:22:5000:17:49
38Alan Alexander00:23:0400:15:33
39Alison Bulman00:23:0900:19:38
40Charles Hazlerigg00:23:1900:12:49
41Morag Kerry00:23:2500:19:24
42Colin Dilks00:23:5300:15:23


Please get in touch if you notice an error with your result.


The provisional date of Race 5 is Tuesday, 11th August 2015.

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