2015 Gordon Smith Relays: TBH Results

There was double delight for Tyne Bridge Harriers at the 2015 Gordon Smith Relays (hosted by Wallsend Harriers) as the club finished 1st and 3rd in the overall results.

And not content with picking up team awards, the club also saw several members pick up prizes for posting quickest individual times in the different age categories.

(l-r) Kurt, Terry & James (with Kevin Payne - Wallsend Harriers chairman)

(l-r) Kurt, Terry, James & Kevin Payne (Wallsend Harriers chairman)

Due to redevelopment of Hadrian’s Cycleway along the banks of the River Tyne, this year’s event was held on a new 2-lap course adjacent to the former Swan Hunter’s yard, and included two arduous climbs of Davy Bank.

But the new route obviously suited the team of Kurt Heron, Terry Scott and James Dunce, as they romped home in 1st place, posting the two quickest senior times (Kurt and James) and also the quickest vet’s time.


(l-r) Tom, Kevin & David

(l-r) Tom, Kevin & David

Finishing 3rd (behind a strong Gateshead men’s team) were the trio of Tom Charlton, Keith Smith and David Johnson.


Although the TBH Ladies missed out on team success on the evening, there was some consolation with Alison Dargie posting the quickest female time during the event.


Well done to everyone who took part in the race and many thanks to the race organisors and volunteers.


TBH split times can be viewed below and a full set of results can be found here.

1st Leg1st Leg Time2nd Leg2nd Leg Time3rd Leg3rd Leg TimeTotal Time
Kurt Heron00:10:45Terry Scott V00:11:11James Dunce00:10:5200:32:48
David Johnson00:11:22Keith Smith V00:11:30Tom Charlton00:11:0800:34:00
Paul Turnbull00:11:36David Wright V00:11:47Alex Polding00:11:3200:34:55
Stephen Barker00:11:47Matt Tomlinson V00:11:59David Anderson00:11:5000:35:36
Ian Pickett00:11:43Andrew Dougal00:12:21Simon Pryde V00:12:2300:36:27
Paul O'Mara00:11:55Chris Meek V00:12:24Luke Bryant00:12:1000:36:29
Chris Huitson00:11:59David Appleby V00:12:27Matt Davison00:12:1600:36:42
David Colpitts00:12:18Andy Harrison V00:12:38Tom Colquitt00:12:5000:37:46
Arnaud Albertini00:12:52Alex Lockwood V00:13:15Nick Hall00:13:1400:39:21
Nick Pearson00:13:23David Young V00:13:40Phil Scott00:13:0300:40:06
Chris Mitsides00:13:42Neal Richardson V00:14:06Adam Wood00:12:5100:40:39
Paul Waller00:12:42Mal Gibson V00:13:57David Curran00:14:3100:41:10
Alison Dargie V00:12:19Magda Grinsdale00:16:26Jenny Logue00:14:0000:42:45
Iain Dalby00:13:59Steve Shotton V00:13:50Steve Compton00:15:0300:42:52
Tom Vardy00:12:09Keith Rooney V00:17:34John Goldsbrough00:13:1600:42:59
Natalie Bennett00:14:50Yamuna Thiru V00:14:31Lucy Turzynski00:14:2800:43:49
Micky Baker V00:14:37Davy Anderson V00:15:57Graham King V00:14:2800:45:02
Claire McElduff00:14:49Karen Walker V00:15:46Lysanne Jurriansen00:15:0100:45:36
Nicola Brady00:15:19Yvonne Storey V00:15:30Sarah Chadwick00:15:4500:46:34
Laura Carrick00:16:24Karen Richardson V00:16:27Rachael Estrop00:16:1500:49:06
Helen Hargrave00:16:27Beate Muller V00:15:40Imogen Barr00:17:0500:49:12
Kerry Neill00:15:14Gemma Cowan00:17:03Sinead Coffey V00:17:1100:49:28
Sarah McMahon V00:17:05Sophie Wardrobe00:17:23Lauren Gardner00:17:5100:52:19
Helen Joyner00:14:33Rachel Adamson00:14:46Louise Lennox V00:14:35Disq*




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