2015 Summer Grand Prix: Race 2 results

A set of provisional results from Tuesday evening’s Grand Prix race can be found below.

Please get in touch if you notice an error with your result.


Many thanks to all the members who volunteered during the event and a special mention for Matt Davison and Richard Hunter (Run Nation) for supplying & setting up the timing equipment.

If you could do something about the weather next time guys!


A reminder to members who took part in the race, please keep your race number/chip for the reminder of the series and avoid scrunching or folding the number as it may damage the chip.



Race 2. Provisional Results.

NameRace TimeNet Time
Parul Akter00:19:3600:19:06
Rob Kirtley00:19:5300:17:53
Ian Walton00:20:4200:16:11
Morag Kerry00:20:5100:18:51
Nicola Brady00:20:5200:16:22
Lisa Mcconnell00:21:1800:20:17
Craig Davison00:21:2000:16:49
Sandy Kerr00:21:2700:12:56
Owen Quigley00:21:3200:19:32
Gareth Mothersdale00:21:3600:16:06
Michael Wisely00:21:3700:21:37
Margaret Eccles00:21:3900:20:39
Rachel Jones00:21:4600:19:45
Joanne Wood00:21:5000:17:19
Jen Patterson00:21:5700:19:56
Neal Richardson00:21:5800:14:57
Paul Routledge00:22:0000:15:59
Adrian Hall00:22:0400:13:33
Bryan Ankers00:22:0500:16:04
Janet Pollington00:22:0600:22:05
Nikki Crowley00:22:0900:21:09
Adam Jones00:22:1000:15:08
Michelle Bannan00:22:1000:18:40
Paul Waller00:22:1300:13:42
Gary Pattison00:22:1500:13:44
James Dunce00:22:1700:11:37
Craig MacDougall00:22:2300:16:51
Jenny Logue00:22:2400:14:53
Edwin Wong00:22:2600:13:55
Karen Walker00:22:2900:16:58
Finn Brodie00:22:2900:12:28
Chris Parkin00:22:3100:16:29
Karen Richardson00:22:3100:16:59
Paul O'Mara00:22:3200:12:31
Emily Mavin00:22:4000:19:10
Michael Simcox00:22:4000:17:10
Gill Parkin00:22:4300:17:11
Alex Lockwood00:22:4600:13:45
Stevie Barker00:22:4800:12:47
Imogen Barr00:22:4900:17:49
Lucy Turzynski00:22:5000:15:20
Charles Casey00:22:5100:12:50
Lysanne Jurriansen00:22:5300:15:52
Charles Hazlerigg00:22:5500:12:25
Rachael Estrop00:22:5600:16:54
Annette Kelly00:22:5600:16:54
Alison Bulman00:22:5700:19:27
Chris Huitson00:22:5800:12:57
Iain Dalby00:22:5900:14:58
Henrik Aicher00:22:5900:16:57
Lindsay Walsh00:23:0000:15:59
Alan MacCauley00:23:0300:16:01
Simon Pryde00:23:0400:13:03
Andrea Hayden00:23:0900:22:39
David Appleby00:23:1000:13:09
Faye Slade00:23:1400:19:44
Yam Thiru00:23:1600:15:16
Russell Deane00:23:1800:13:47
Asari Rashid00:23:2000:16:19
Rachel Case00:23:2100:15:50
Emma Moir00:23:3700:17:37
Lauren Gardner00:23:4100:18:41
Evie Maholam00:23:5200:23:52
Elaine O'Mara00:23:5200:23:52

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