Strength & Conditioning Session: 23rd February 2015

Monday evening’s S&C session consisted of the Bleep Test, one minute of press-ups and one minute of sit-ups.


Results from the three tests (together with results from a previous session) can be viewed below.


nameBleep Test (28.07.14)Press-ups (28.07.14)Sit-ups (28.07.14)Bleep Test (23.02.15)Press-ups (23.02.15)Sit-ups (23.02.15)
Alan Hodgson122632
Alastair Blain7.82518
Alex Polding134134
Alison Dargie17.25044136346
Andy Smythe16.33248134640
Annette Kelly7.22328
Cees Van Der Champ123724
Charlotte Carpenter11.42929
Chris Chase10.73311
Chris Graham13.3405010.34333
Chris Mitsides14.94345
Chris Sumsion133821
David Daniels14.26722
David Johnson15.2373974232
Euan Clubss14.113644
Graham Mitchinson9.22219
I Dougal14.13534
James Dunce183753
James Knox10.61324
James Robson14.62030
John Goldsbrough15.43240
John Hurse15.2304210.13012
John Tollitt14.114433
Jon Moss12.1142457.85338
Jonny Longrigg11.51327
Karen Richardson10.93527
Karen Wall8.6915
Kurt Herron184453
Mal Gibson13.12736
Matt Davison11.45033
Matt Walker10.31522
Natalie Bennett7.52428
Neal Richardson13.53645
Nick Varley10.42223
Richard MacDonald11.638407.13730
Russell Deane10.41421
Sinead Coffey5.82823
Stuart Dickson12.34124
Terry Scott17.75057
Tom Charlton132712


The Strength & Conditioning sessions are on every Monday evening and currently take place at Gateshead Stadium between 6:30 – 7:30pm. All members are welcome to attend.

Please get in touch if you would like further details.


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