Strength and Conditioning Session

It’s with great delight to announce the return of the Monday night Strength and Conditioning sessions.


Session details can be viewed below.



Monday Night Strength and Conditioning


  • 16th February


  • 6:30pm


  • Gateshead Stadium (NE10 0EF)


  • All ability groups


Each session will improve runners’ posture and performance through a variety of specific exercises including pilates, plyometrics and drills.


Drills will start bang on 6:30pm, so please arrive earlier to do a few easy laps of the track. There will be a group meeting at the (Pitcher & Piano side of) Millennium Bridge @ 6:10pm who will be jogging over to the stadium to avoid traffic around Gateshead. The group will be running around 8-9 minute mile pace.


Each Monday night session will complement the following Tuesday night club session and will cover a distance of around 4-5 miles (excluding warm up/cool down).


There is no charge for the session, although there is a charge to use the artificial track.


£25 for 12 weeks one off payment (unlimited track use). The reception team can assist with this purchase and you will be given a card that you swipe each time you enter. You can get this card and activate it on your first use.


After these 12 weeks we will move back to our regular spot at the grass track in Sandyford once the weather and daylight hours have improved.


The first session back will involve some fitness testing followed by a light plyometric session.


All Tyne Bridge Harriers Welcome!!!!


Si Kristiansen


Click here if you have any queries.

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    • Lucy on 11th January 2015 at 18:17
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    Si you are a superstar!

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