Results round-up: 20th August 2014

A round-up of recent race results featuring Tyne Bridge Harriers.


Cock Crow 5K: Tuesday, 19th August 2014

20:53 Joy Fenwick (3rd Lady :thumbsup:)

Full results can be found here.



Ponteland 10K: Wednesday, 20th August 2014

39:24 Edwin Wong (9th Overall)

42:25 Magda Grinsdale (2nd Lady :thumbsup:)

47:50 Alex Battersby

47:50 Michael Nemeth

73:09 Paul Brown

Full results can be found here.



Gateshead Harriers 5K: Thursday, 21st August

16:32 Dominic Munnelly (3rd MV40)

16:58 Paul Turnbull

17:08 Stephen Barker

17:17 Kenny Mac (2nd MV45)

17:21 Ian Pickett

17:47 Luke Bryant

18:23 Ian Jackman

18:26 Jon Moss

18:33 Sophie Marr (5th Lady)

18:53 Diarmuid Coughlan

19:08 Dave Young

20:03 Alan Alexander

20:16 Adrian Brooks

20:35 Lucy Matheson (2nd FV40)

25:54 Charly Blackburn

26:27 Emma Brooks

Full results can be found here.



Please get in touch if your name is missing from the results.

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