2014 Summer Grand Prix: Race 4

Many thanks to everyone involved with tonight’s race.

There were 69 finishers in the race, with over 20 volunteers ensuring the event passed without incident*.


First finisher of the race was Sara James, with Ian Maholam first male finisher.


Quickest time of the evening went to guest runner Kurt Herron (10:32) with Tony Carter and Marc Fenwick just a few seconds behind.

Alison Dargie was fastest lady (11:54) with Joanne Lee and Lindsay Walsh completing the Top 3 ladies.


A set of provisional results can be found below.

positionnamerace timetrue time
1sara james00:20:1400:19:14
2ian maholam00:20:3400:14:34
3karen wall00:21:0800:16:23
4phillip o'halloran00:21:3000:17:00
5david anderson*00:00:0000:00:00
6ross glasgow00:21:5400:13:24
7ian walton00:21:5800:15:43
8jessica embleton00:22:0800:15:23
9sandy anderson00:22:1600:16:01
10richard smith00:22:1700:13:47
11emma brannan00:22:1800:15:18
12karen walker00:22:2600:15:26
13rob clark00:22:2800:16:13
14tony carter00:22:3500:10:35
15colin dilks00:22:3900:13:39
16megan parkin00:22:4000:14:10
17colin whittle00:22:4400:14:44
18will johnson00:22:4400:14:29
19kathleen dempsey00:22:4600:14:01
20nicola brady00:22:4700:14:47
21andrew keogan00:22:4700:15:02
22danny fletcher00:22:4800:15:48
23sina panitz00:22:4900:14:49
24phil scott00:22:4900:12:19
25dan richards00:22:4900:14:04
26jason jobes00:22:5000:14:35
27andrew crawford00:22:5000:13:35
28edwin wong00:22:5200:12:22
29stephen hall00:22:5500:15:10
30albertini arnaud00:22:5600:12:56
31luke bryant00:22:5700:11:42
32adam wood00:22:5800:12:28
33deborah airey00:23:0000:20:45
34katie monnelly00:23:0100:16:16
35steve bond00:23:0300:14:03
36michael mcgrath00:23:0300:11:48
37annette kelly00:23:0400:15:04
38hugh potter00:23:0400:13:04
39david colpitts00:23:0500:11:50
40santiago martinez00:23:0600:13:51
41chris mitsides00:23:0700:13:37
42gemma cowan00:23:0800:15:53
43alison dargie00:23:0900:11:54
44stuart dickson00:23:1000:13:55
45david appleby00:23:1100:11:56
46john pickering00:23:1200:12:57
47louise kelly00:23:1300:19:28
48alan alexander00:23:1300:13:28
49tim hawkins00:23:1400:14:14
50kurt herron00:23:1700:10:32
51lindsay walsh00:23:1900:13:19
52mal gibson00:23:2200:12:37
53marc fenwick00:23:2200:10:37
54anji rippon00:23:2400:14:39
55adrian brooks00:23:2500:13:25
56louise eastern00:23:2600:17:41
57emma brooks00:23:2700:17:12
58lucy matheson00:23:2800:13:28
59joanne lee00:23:3000:12:45
60andrea hayden00:23:3100:20:16
61euan clubbs00:23:3400:13:04
62jessica anderson00:23:4100:18:26
63michael gibbs00:23:4400:14:29
64caroline meaney00:23:5200:17:37
65margaret eccles00:24:2000:17:35
66evie maholam00:24:3200:22:02
67yam thiru00:24:3700:14:07
68lee allen00:24:4800:15:48
69gemma brady00:25:0200:17:17

*Unfortunately David Anderson took a wrong turn and is disqualified from the results.


Please get in touch if you notice an error with your position/time.


The next race of the series will take place on Tuesday, 5th August.


nb. members are reminded to keep their race numbers for the remainder of the series.

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