TBH Summer Grand Prix: Race 3 results

[Update: 5th June 2014] I’m pleased to announce, as first male & female members to finish the race, Faye Slade and David Charlton will both be awarded a place for the 2014 GNR 10K race in July.


On a balmy summers evening, with conditions perfect for running, 82 runners crossed the finishing line in the latest round of the 2014 Summer Grand Prix.

Unfortunately, two of the runners were’nt actually taking part in the race :-(  hence the delay in publishing a set of provisional results (see below).

If you have a query with your position/time please contact me direct by clicking here.


What I can confirm however is Faye Hanson was first finisher on the evening, with a race time of 19:44.

Congratulations Faye :thumbsup:

Ladies occupy the top 5 positions in the results, with David Charlton being first male finisher.


As with all grand prix races, they couldn’t go ahead with the help of volunteers, so many thanks to all the members who helped out.


Provisional results.

positionnamerace timetrue time
1faye hanson00:19:4400:18:44
2faye slade00:19:5800:17:58
3laura irving00:20:1400:15:14
4sarah lindsay00:20:2000:18:50
5vicky cuthbertson00:20:2300:16:53
6david charlton00:20:2500:16:25
7emma frost00:20:5500:17:25
8jason jobes00:20:5700:14:57
9colin dilks00:21:0000:14:00
10david frost00:21:0500:17:35
11margaret eccles00:21:0600:17:51
12sina panitz00:21:1000:15:10
13alan mcmullan00:21:2300:18:23
14aoife power00:21:2600:13:11
15louise easton00:21:2900:17:29
16michael mcgrath00:21:3000:12:00
17gemma cowan00:21:3000:15:45
18adrian brooks00:21:3000:13:15
19adam jones00:21:3100:13:16
20ian walton00:21:3100:16:46
21matt walker00:21:3100:13:16
22ian pickett00:21:3200:11:32
23jo wood00:21:3200:16:02
24caroline meaney00:21:3400:16:49
25lizzy denney00:21:3500:15:50
26rachel adamson00:21:3600:14:36
27sian salter00:21:3700:17:07
28iain dalby00:21:4000:13:40
29emily mavin00:21:4100:17:41
30emma townsend00:21:4400:15:44
31ed wainwright00:21:4400:13:44
32john pickering00:21:4500:13:00
33steve beer00:21:4500:16:45
34beth anderson00:21:4600:17:16
35rob clark00:21:4600:16:46
36michael nemeth00:21:4700:14:02
37joel tepace00:21:4700:14:32
38adam wood00:21:5100:12:36
39alison bulman00:21:5200:17:07
40emma brooks00:21:5400:16:54
41stephen barker00:21:5500:11:40
42alan alexander00:21:5500:13:25
43danny cousins00:21:5700:11:42
44steven carter00:21:5900:15:59
45david colpitts00:21:5900:11:59
46keith rooney00:22:0000:12:30
47tony carter00:22:0300:11:03
48emma brannan00:22:0300:16:03
49mandy tunmore00:22:0300:18:03
50jayne russell00:22:0500:17:35
51neil banks00:22:0500:16:05
52alan wallace00:22:0600:12:36
53asari rashid00:22:0600:13:36
54danny fletcher00:22:0600:16:06
55kirk connor00:22:0700:19:07
56stephen hall00:22:0700:15:22
57dan richards00:22:0800:14:23
58charlie townsend00:22:0900:12:39
59andrea hayden00:22:1200:19:57
60colin whittle00:22:1400:15:14
61thomas vardy00:22:1500:13:00
62steve shotton00:22:1600:13:16
63tom colquitt00:22:1700:12:17
64charly blackburn00:22:2000:16:50
65pip nichol00:22:2000:15:05
66megan parkin00:22:2100:14:36
67geof ellingham00:22:2200:15:22
68matt collins00:22:2600:13:26
69deborah airey00:22:2700:20:57
70evie maholam00:22:3200:20:32
71nick pearson00:22:3500:13:05
72tom robinson00:22:3500:14:35
73chris parkin00:22:3700:14:52
74mal gibson00:22:4500:12:45
75james knox00:22:5500:12:55
76ben priestley00:23:0200:12:32
77rachel griffiths00:23:3000:17:30
78albertini arnaud00:23:3700:13:07
80paul brown00:23:4400:23:44
81kathleen dempsey00:23:5800:13:58


Again, if you spot an error with your result, please get in touch.


The next race of the series is scheduled for Tuesday, 1st July.

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