TBH Summer Grand Prix: Race 2 results

Firstly, a massive apology to the couple of runners who were left behind as members made their way to the race start tonight (Tuesday, 6th May). The club strives to ensure nobody is left alone during training sessions and will endeavour this never happens again in the future.


Onto the race itself, and the glory of being first over the finishing line went to Beth Anderson. Her time of 21:07 good enough to hold off the strong challenge from 2nd place runner Lysanne Jurriansen.

Beth’s reward for finishing 1st is a free place in the 2014 Great North 10K race :thumbsup:


The first male member to finish the race, in 7th place overall, was Ian Walton. Ian also receives a place in the Great North 10K race :thumbsup:


Quickest time of the evening went to Davy Wright, who completed the two-mile course in 11:22. (Unfortunately, all Davy is going to get is a pat on the back next time I see him ;-) ).


Positionnamerace timetrue time
1Beth Anderson00:21:0700:17:37
2Lysanne Jurriansen00:21:1100:15:11
3Sarah Rushbrooke00:21:2000:17:50
4Rachel Atkinson00:21:2400:17:54
5Tracey Cockburn00:21:2600:17:56
6Louise Easton00:21:3400:18:04
7Ian Walton00:21:4600:17:16
8Scott Hudspith00:22:0300:14:18
9Paul Brown00:22:0800:22:08
10Asari Rashid00:22:0900:13:39
11Margaret Hagood00:22:1400:17:29
12Jasmine Black00:22:2200:14:52
13Alison Bulman00:22:2500:17:25
14Santiago Martinez00:22:2800:13:58
15Claudia Wilson00:22:2900:13:59
16Ellie Charles00:22:3000:14:30
17Sara Tomassini00:22:3500:14:05
18Michael Gibbs00:22:4400:13:59
19Sandy Anderson00:22:4500:16:45
20Nicola Brady00:22:4600:15:01
21Stuart Dickson00:22:4700:13:47
22Henrik Aicher00:22:5000:14:50
23Erica Thompson00:22:5000:18:35
24Yvonne Storey00:22:5100:16:21
25Anji Rippon00:22:5400:14:24
26Alan Alexander00:22:5600:13:41
27Phil Scott00:23:0000:12:30
28Caroline Meaney00:23:0000:17:15
29Rachel Adamson00:23:0100:15:01
30Adam Wood00:23:0200:12:47
31Charles Casey00:23:0300:11:33
32Aoife Power00:23:0300:13:48
33Margaret Finn00:23:0400:17:19
34Dave Rowe00:23:0500:13:20
35Richard MacDonald00:23:1000:14:55
36Albertini Arnaud00:23:1200:12:57
37David Colpitts00:23:1300:12:13
38Stephen Hall00:23:1400:15:29
39Kerry Neill00:23:1500:15:15
40Magda Grimsdale00:23:1700:13:47
41Scott Wilkinson00:23:1900:17:49
42IaIn Dalby00:23:2000:14:05
43Caroline Smith00:23:2000:15:20
44Davy Wright00:23:2200:11:22
45Mandy Tunmore00:23:2300:18:08
46Dave Young00:23:2400:12:54
47Adam Jones00:23:2400:13:54
48Karen Richardson00:23:2500:15:25
49Charlotte Carpenter00:23:2500:14:25
50Andrea Hayden00:23:2600:19:56
51Tim Kelso00:23:2800:11:28
52Annette Kelly00:23:2900:15:29
53Charly Blackburn00:23:2900:16:44
54Will Johnson00:23:3000:14:45
55Evie Maholam00:23:3100:20:01
56Charlie Townsend00:23:3500:12:35
57Deborah Airey00:23:3600:20:36
58Joel Tepace00:23:3600:14:51
59Steve Bond00:23:3700:14:07
60Sinead Coffey00:23:4000:16:25
61Karen Walker00:23:4100:16:11
62Louise Kelly00:23:4500:19:15
63Stephen Barker00:23:4600:11:46
64Neuver Hernandez00:23:4800:13:33
65Sophie Marr00:23:4800:13:18
66Dan Richards00:23:5000:14:20
67Dave Gilmore00:24:1100:13:11
68Steve Compton00:24:1800:14:18
69Felicity Watson00:24:3100:15:16
70Pip Nichol00:24:4500:14:45
71Fiona Howarth00:24:5000:15:20
72Kirsty Duncan00:24:5400:15:54
73Jon Moss00:25:3600:14:36


As always, big thanks to the race marshals and organisors. I keep saying it, but without their help the race just wouldn’t go ahead  :good:


Race 3 of the series is scheduled for Tuesday, 3rd June.


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    • Beth on 6th May 2014 at 22:53
    • Reply

    Seriously?! Omg really?! I wanted to do that race but decided i couldn’t afford it!! Awesome. Thank you :)

    • Dave Moir on 7th May 2014 at 08:35
    • Reply

    Beth – can you send me an e-mail and I’ll sort that for you David.Moir@ncl.ac.uk

      • Beth on 7th May 2014 at 22:51
      • Reply

      I’ve received the email but won’t be able to process it till tomorrow night, will let you know when i’ve done so. Thanks again!

        • beth on 8th May 2014 at 20:26
        • Reply

        Sorted. I am so excited.

    • Ian Walton on 7th May 2014 at 16:50
    • Reply

    HI Dave Great news. if i send you my details can you sort it for me please aswell. email is Ian.nufc@sky.com
    This is great thank you.

      • Dave Moir on 7th May 2014 at 17:01
      • Reply

      Hi Ian – I think I have but let me know if you don’t get anything. Dave

        • Ian Walton on 7th May 2014 at 17:21
        • Reply

        Hi Dave . All done just entered . Thanks again mate.

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