TBH Winter Grand Prix: Race 6 results

Provisional results from the final race of the 2013/14 Winter Grand Prix.

Congratulations to Kirsty Louise Duncan who was first finisher in the 6th and final race of the 2013/14 Winter Grand Prix series.

Despite the slight breeze and sharp nip in the air, there was a record 124 finishers for the event, with (according to RunBritain website) 42 Personal Best’s and 25 Season Best’s posted by athletes.

James Dunce had the honour of running the fastest time of the race (16:06) with Alison Dargie posting the fastest ladies time (18:26).

Well done to everyone who competed in the race and throughout the entire series and special thanks to all the members who volunteered during the winter months.


Race Positionname5K time
1Kirsty Louise Duncan00:26:07
2Thomas Lund00:19:21
3Rob Wallace00:21:37
4Laura Charlton00:28:16
5Fiona Clark00:30:51
6Rachel Atkinson00:28:07
7Andrew Crawford00:22:46
8Caroline Meaney00:27:47
9Scott Wilkinson00:25:18
10Sara Sedgley00:28:53
11Jane Shearer00:24:32
12Guy Rintoul00:20:03
13Ian McFadyen00:23:04
14Hugh Potter00:21:05
15Alec Wann00:20:09
16Michael Nemeth00:21:40
17Danny Cousins00:19:16
18Alison Janes00:23:16
19Louise Watson00:25:18
20Jackie Anderson00:28:22
21Santiago Martinez00:21:25
22Steve Compton00:21:41
23Ian Walton00:27:27
24Margaret Eccles00:27:27
25Charly Blackburn00:25:00
26Alison Bulman00:27:31
27Billy Wood00:21:18
28Michael Frost00:23:03
29Thomas Fowler00:20:34
30Jose Ruiz00:20:34
31Asari Rashid00:21:06
32Evelyn Maholam00:29:37
33Alan Bell00:19:08
34Paul Andrews00:18:38
35Ruth Lee00:22:41
36Jenny Tennant00:27:11
37Matt Walker00:20:42
38Kathleen Dempsey00:21:42
39Thomas Vardy00:19:44
40Rachel Adamson00:22:17
41Peter Sloan00:21:48
42Sian Salter00:27:19
43Laura Dickson00:25:19
44Vicki Thompson00:23:20
45James Thompson00:20:20
46Lucy Matheson00:20:20
47Rachel Griffiths00:25:22
48Mandy Tunmore00:27:52
49Emma Brooks00:25:53
50Arnaud Albertini00:20:56
51Calum Tyson00:19:57
52Ed Wainwright00:21:27
53Nicola Pearson00:20:58
54Fran Scorah00:25:29
55Louise Kelly00:29:32
56Chris Huiteson00:18:32
57Morag Kelly00:26:33
58Dan Richards00:21:49
59Alasdair Blain00:18:35
60James Robson00:18:36
61Geoff Robinson00:19:21
62Tom Hanson00:21:07
63Adam Jones00:21:08
64Nick Pearson00:19:24
65Chris Chase00:20:39
66Kelly Phillipson00:27:40
67Nicola Brady00:23:40
68Carol Davison00:31:41
69Heather Robinson00:19:41
70Aoife Power00:21:12
71Alex Battersby00:22:42
72Steve Shotton00:20:13
73Peter Kennedy00:19:43
74Keith Rooney00:18:44
75Edwin Wong00:18:44
76Henrik Aicher00:20:12
77Sara Heary00:32:48
78David Appleby00:18:50
79Frank Devlin00:20:52
80Charlotte Carpenter00:22:24
81Stephen Barker00:17:54
82Chris Parkin00:22:26
83Jonathan Pearson00:20:05
84James Dunce00:16:06
85John Pickering00:21:07
86Andy Harrison00:18:23
87Stephen Hall00:23:39
88Charles Casey00:17:55
89Shaun Brown00:16:10
90Adrian Brooks00:20:41
91Lee Connor00:22:43
92Mike Robinson00:22:14
93Colin Dilks00:21:45
94Conrad Scott00:20:20
95Kevin Jeffress00:16:21
96Gareth Thraves00:17:22
97Jon Moss00:18:37
98Sophie Marr00:19:53
99Alison Dargie00:18:26
100Annette Kelly00:24:01
101Sara Tommassini00:22:35
102Joel English00:16:37
103Sparrow Morley00:16:40
104Chris Meek00:17:40
105Nick Joyce00:17:45
106Thomas Devlin00:16:46
107Vicky Cuthbertson00:25:17
108Anthony Bagley00:16:51
109David Johnson00:16:53
110Sue Reagan00:34:54
111Thomas Powell00:16:55
112Dave Moir00:17:00
113Louis Goffe00:17:01
114Maria Grady00:27:02
115Davina Brain00:35:03
116Tim Kelso00:17:16
117Jomah Kekula00:17:24
118Andrew Dougal00:17:31
119Chris Graham00:17:40
120David Anderson00:17:42
121Andy Smythe00:17:52
122Ching Lansang00:37:59
123Rob Owen00:19:56
124Angela McBrien00:28:21


Please get in touch if you notice an error with your position and/or time.

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    • keith rooney on 5th March 2014 at 10:23
    • Reply

    My God, what a race, but smashed 19 mins. Let’s hope the Terry O Gara moves me a wee bit closer to the 18 min mark. Thanks to all there on the night, but especial thanks to that little dragon, who left me well and truly scorched on the night, Mr Wong. What a competitor!!!!!

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