NEHL 2013/14: Alnwick Results

NEHL Cross Country: Alnwick Pastures – 1st March 2014

It was a fantastic day for Tyne Bridge with the club finishing 1st in the Senior Men’s race and 4th in the Senior Ladies race.



Newcomer Joel English had a storming run in the Senior Men’s race, finishing 2nd overall, and Steve Cairns continued his recent fine form with a great run from the ‘Medium’ pack to finish in 5th place. Steve was first counter for the club, with Louis Goffe, David Anderson, James Dunce, Andy Harrison and John Hurse the other 5 counters. (Joel was classed as a non-counter).

In the Ladies race, Kathleen Dempsey was another runner on song, with a great Top 10 finish. Kathleen was backed up by Lindsay Walsh and Lucy Matheson for the 3 counter places.

First member in action was Jane Harland, finishing 58th in the Under-13 Girls Race.

Thanks to all the members who competed and to all those who travelled to Alnwick to offer their support.


Men’s results

2nd Joel English

5th Steve Cairns

16th Louis Goffe

17th David Anderson

24th James Dunce

25th Andy Harrison

33rd John Hurse

36th Andrew Dougal

45th Dave Moir

62nd Paul Turnbull

73rd Jomah Kekula

85th Tim Kelso

92nd Chris Graham

100th Dave Antill

125th Chris Meek

142nd David Dickson

156th Keith Rooney

163rd Sparrow Morley

176th David Appleby

178th Mal Gibson

188th Mike Norbury

195th Alasdair Blair

206th Jonathon Powell

213th Paul Hilton

238th Philip Scott

250th Chris Chase

253rd Stephen Osselton

308th Micky Baker

314th John Goldsbrough

321st Henrik Aicher

347th Stuart Collier

354th Thomas Fowler

362nd Arnaud Albertini

387th Holger Kienast

389th Stuart Dickson

411th Kevin Cheetham

423rd Scott Wilkinson


Ladies Results

8th Kathleen Dempsey

27th Lindsay Walsh

33rd Lucy Matheson

72nd Kym Eden

83rd Charlotte Carpenter

153rd Annette Kelly

160th Lisa Walker

194th Jane Shearer

198th Caroline Meaney

200th Kelly Phillipson

201st Margeret Hagood

202nd Catherine Powell

205th Louise Kelly

211th Sara Sedgley

212th Evelyn Maholam


Full results can be found here


Andy Harrison

Andy Harrison


Keith Rooney

Keith Rooney



Micky Baker

Micky Baker


Andrew Dougal

Andrew Dougal


Louis Goffe

Louis Goffe


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