Royal Signals Road Relay Championships

Road Relay Championships – Hetton Lyons Country Park – 15th February 2014


Many thanks to everyone who turned out to represent the club on Saturday.

The atmosphere amongst the members was never less than cheerful – despite the atrocious weather conditions – and although the leading Men had to settle for 5th place in both Senior and Veteran races, there was at least one bright spot on the afternoon with the quartet of Lyndsay Walsh, Julie Shaw, Lucy Matheson and Kym Eden picking up Bronze in the Veteran Ladies race. Congratulations lasses :thumbsup:

The Senior Women ‘A’ placed 15th.


Bronze Medalists: (l-r) Lucy, Lyndsay, Kym and Julie

Bronze Medalists: (l-r) Lucy, Lyndsay, Kym and Julie


Many congratulations to the race winners.

Senior Men: Gateshead

Veteran Men: Elswick

M50 Men: North Shields Poly

Senior Women: Birtley

Veteran Women: North Shields Poly


Full results can be found here.


Split Times:

Senior Men ‘A’, 5th

11.12 Marc Fenwick

11.59 Darryl Davison

11.58 Shaun Brown

12.01 Joe Turner

11.38 James Dunce

12.06 Tony Carter


Senior Men ‘B’, 11th

12.11 Sparrow Morley

11.57 Doug Tickner

12.27 Paul Turnbull

13.03 Jomah Kekula

12.14 Cees Van Der Land

12.35 Louis Goffe


Senior Men ‘C’, 27th

13.50 Si ‘BOOM’ Kristiansen

13.42 David Dickson

13.38 Stephen Barker

12.48 John Hurse

13.34 Jon Moss

12.57 Davy Wright


Senior Men ‘D’, 35th

13.31 Alasdair Blain

14.49 Philip Scott

14.04 Nick Pearson

15.49 Iain Dalby

13.45 Chris Huitison

13.40 David Daniels


Veteran Men ‘A’, 5th

12.35 Dave Moir

13.25 Matty Tomlinson

13.10 Andy Harrison

13.31 David Appleby

13.14 Paul Hilton

12.58 Chris Meek


Veteran Men ‘B’, (Incomplete team)

13.35 Mal Gibson

15.23 Micky Baker

15.26 Dave Rowe

14.03 Dave Young

13.46 Keith ROONEY!!!!


Senior Women ‘A’, 15th

13.57 Sophie Marr

15.47 Rebecca Parkin

14.57 Anji Rippon

17.15 Joy Fenwick


Senior Women ‘B’, 35th

17.36 Claire Norman

17.56 Katie Monnelly

17.35 Jo Wood

18.08 L Ellwood


Senior Women ‘C’, 38th

17.35 Sinead Coffey

18.04 Charly Blackburn

21.31 Louise Kelly

16.18 Sara Tomassini


Veteran Women ‘A’, 3rd

14.30 Lyndsay Walsh

17.10 Julie Shaw

14.38 Lucy Matheson

14.46 Kym Eden


Well done everybody :-)

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    • Micky Baker on 17th February 2014 at 15:11
    • Reply

    well done all in truly tough conditions, but I must mention the girls who have made history for our club To have claimed bronze at these championships is fantastic you can wear your medals with pride. once again well done xx

    • louise rodgers on 17th February 2014 at 19:20
    • Reply

    Well done girls,gutted I’m injured and couldn’t be involved but im chuffed to hear you flying TBH flag for ladies vets.lots a love.x

    • Ian on 17th February 2014 at 21:15
    • Reply

    Well done everyone, especially the veteran ladies.

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