2013/14 NEHL Grand Prix Standings

Following Saturday’s harrier league fixture at Wallington Hall, the latest Grand Prix tables can be viewed below.



NameDavison ShieldBlaydonJarrowWallingtonTotal
Louise Rodgers0160120150430
Kym Eden120750165360
Lucy Matheson013012090340
Charlotte Carpenter100856575325
Evelyn Maholam0105110110325
Louise Anne Kelly0105105105315
Lisa Walker100656565295
Sophie Marr100070110280
Victoria Cuthbertson10060060220
Sara Sedgley01051050210
Catherine Powell00100100200
Charlotte Blackburn009595190
Stephanie McFarlane1008500185
Denise Waugh1007500175
Claire Norman1000075175
Sinead Coffey075750150
Natalie Ohlson070080150
Natalie Batey035950130
Felicity Watson011500115
Rebecca Harrison100000100
Lindsay Walsh000100100
Jessica Anderson000100100
Jane Shearer0009595
Margaret Hagood0009595
Ann Grenfell0750075
Joanne Nolan0700070
Louise Watson0700070
Elspeth Lawson0070070
Aoife Power0600060
Nicola Brady0600060
Julie Shaw0060060
Claire Miller-Grossett0006060
Kayoung Lee0006060



NameSherman cupBlaydonJarrowWallingtonTotal
James Dunce100140120120480
John Hurse100110115115440
Malcolm Gibson100110110120440
Nicholas Pearson100105115115435
Christopher Graham10014085100425
Michael Baker100105105105415
Kevin Cheetham100100100100400
David Anderson100959580370
Craig Hodgson010017090360
James Knox100858585355
Rob Wishart1001151200335
Keith Rooney1001151150330
Mark Reynolds1001100120330
Cees Van der land014085100325
John Tollitt1001100110320
Dave Colpitts0105100115320
David Dickson1001051050310
Steven Shotton1001051050310
Philip Scott0100100110310
Colin Dilks1001000105305
Jomah Kekula00115190305
Douglas Tickner01309080300
Jon Moss010510585295
Marc Fenwick065100100265
Alan Hodgson01151450260
Andy Harrison00135125260
Paul Hilton10075075250
Tony Carter10006570235
Alasdair Blain00115115230
Elliot Hails01101100220
James Robson01101100220
Alex Polding0135085220
Gary Harland01100110220
Edwin Wong00105115220
Christopher Meek01150100215
David Moir1200900210
Michael Nemeth01050105210
Jonathan Powell00100110210
Graeme Mitchinson01001000200
Sparrow John Morley0850115200
Shaun Brown0800120200
Stuart Dickson095095190
Rob Kirtley090950185
Keith Smith1008000180
Domonic Munnelly016000160
Gary Jones001450145
Darryl Davison000120120
David Appleby011500115
Alexander Anderson000115115
David Anderson 2011000110
Mike Norbury011000110
Scott Wilkinson011000110
Iain Dalby001100110
Tim Hawkins001100110
Asari Rashid010500105
Ian Maholam001050105
Matt Collins001050105
Andrew Dougal100000100
David Daniels100000100
Henrik Aicher100000100
Holger Kienast100000100
Louis Goffe100000100
Peter Hubbard100000100
Simon Kristiansen100000100
Stephen Osselton100000100
Guy Rintoul0009595
Dave Wright0850085
David Beech0750075
Kevin Jeffress0070070


Details on how points are awarded for this competition can be found here.


As always, if you spot an error with the tables please get in touch by leaving a comment below.


Well done to everyone who ran on Saturday, particularly Kym Eden and Jomah Kekula who were selected for ‘Performance of the Day’ by their respective team captains.

The next Harrier League fixture doesn’t place until next year (8th February at Wrekenton) but thankfully there are a couple of cross-country races before then to keep you satisfied, including the North Eastern Cross Country Championships which take place on Saturday, 14th December, at Temple Park, South Shields. Keep checking the website for further details.

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