Results round-up: 9th & 10th November 2013

A round-up of race featuring members of Tyne Bridge Harriers.


MAM-AFFICHE-GD-ANNice – Cannes Marathon: 10th November 2013

Huge congratulations to Sara Tomassini for completing her debut marathon in a time of 3:51.

Full results (in French) can be found here.







Heaton Memorial 10k: 10th November 2013

Also deserving praise are the TBH foursome of Steve Cairns, Kevin Jeffress, Sparrow Morley and James Dunce for winning the Watson Trophy – awarded to the winning men’s team in the 10k event.

(l-r)Sparrow, Kevin, James and Steve.

(l-r) Sparrow, Kevin, James and Steve.


Equally pleasing was the performance by many of the club members, with 20 running either a PB or a SB*.

Well done everyone :thumbsup:

00:33:18Steve Cairns4th/1st V45
00:34:09Kevin Jeffress7th/PB
00:34:31Sparrow Morley8th
00:34:50James DuncePB
00:35:28Douglas TicknerPB
00:35:40David MoirPB
00:36:37David WrightPB
00:36:54Craig HodgsonPB
00:36:58Paul Hilton
00:37:38Chris GrahamPB
00:37:47Stephen Barker
00:38:02Ian JackmanPB
00:39:26John Tollitt
00:40:15Keith RooneyPB
00:40:35Alasdair BlainPB
00:41:10Izzy Knox
00:41:17Euan ClubbsPB
00:41:41Steven ShottonPB
00:42:27Philip ScottPB
00:43:01Lucy Matheson
00:45:29Henrik Aicher
00:45:18Adrian Brooks
00:45:15David Daniels
00:46:39Lindsay Walsh
00:47:43Stuart Dickson
00:47:50Iain DalbyNew Member
00:48:37Alex BattersbyPB
00:48:35Kerry NeillPB
00:48:56Joanne WoodPB
00:48:56Anji RipponSB
00:49:01Caroline SmithPB
00:49:05Adam Jones
00:49:21Stephen Hall
00:49:22Nicola Brady
00:50:53Laura Pentland
00:50:52Katrina Matheson
00:51:41Sinead Coffey
00:51:31Sandy Anderson
00:53:03Laura Dickson
00:53:12Michael Nemeth
00:54:12Anna BroughPB
00:56:16Emma BrooksPB
00:58:35Scott Wilkinson

* All PB’s and SB’s are taken from the Run Britain Rankings website.

Full results can be found here.


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    • Iain Dalby on 11th November 2013 at 15:15
    • Reply

    I did 47 : 50 at the Memorial 10 K but had signed up before joining TBH (whoops!).
    Hoping some tough Group 3.2 training will help knock about four or five minutes off that!

    1. train hard like everyone else in Group 3 and your times will come tumbling down.

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