Results round-up: 9th & 10th November 2013

A round-up of race featuring members of Tyne Bridge Harriers.


MAM-AFFICHE-GD-ANNice – Cannes Marathon: 10th November 2013

Huge congratulations to Sara Tomassini for completing her debut marathon in a time of 3:51.

Full results (in French) can be found here.







Heaton Memorial 10k: 10th November 2013

Also deserving praise are the TBH foursome of Steve Cairns, Kevin Jeffress, Sparrow Morley and James Dunce for winning the Watson Trophy – awarded to the winning men’s team in the 10k event.

(l-r)Sparrow, Kevin, James and Steve.

(l-r) Sparrow, Kevin, James and Steve.


Equally pleasing was the performance by many of the club members, with 20 running either a PB or a SB*.

Well done everyone :thumbsup:

00:33:18Steve Cairns4th/1st V45
00:34:09Kevin Jeffress7th/PB
00:34:31Sparrow Morley8th
00:34:50James DuncePB
00:35:28Douglas TicknerPB
00:35:40David MoirPB
00:36:37David WrightPB
00:36:54Craig HodgsonPB
00:36:58Paul Hilton
00:37:38Chris GrahamPB
00:37:47Stephen Barker
00:38:02Ian JackmanPB
00:39:26John Tollitt
00:40:15Keith RooneyPB
00:40:35Alasdair BlainPB
00:41:10Izzy Knox
00:41:17Euan ClubbsPB
00:41:41Steven ShottonPB
00:42:27Philip ScottPB
00:43:01Lucy Matheson
00:45:29Henrik Aicher
00:45:18Adrian Brooks
00:45:15David Daniels
00:46:39Lindsay Walsh
00:47:43Stuart Dickson
00:47:50Iain DalbyNew Member
00:48:37Alex BattersbyPB
00:48:35Kerry NeillPB
00:48:56Joanne WoodPB
00:48:56Anji RipponSB
00:49:01Caroline SmithPB
00:49:05Adam Jones
00:49:21Stephen Hall
00:49:22Nicola Brady
00:50:53Laura Pentland
00:50:52Katrina Matheson
00:51:41Sinead Coffey
00:51:31Sandy Anderson
00:53:03Laura Dickson
00:53:12Michael Nemeth
00:54:12Anna BroughPB
00:56:16Emma BrooksPB
00:58:35Scott Wilkinson

* All PB’s and SB’s are taken from the Run Britain Rankings website.

Full results can be found here.


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2 pings

    • Iain Dalby on 11th November 2013 at 15:15

    I did 47 : 50 at the Memorial 10 K but had signed up before joining TBH (whoops!).
    Hoping some tough Group 3.2 training will help knock about four or five minutes off that!

      • David on 12th November 2013 at 07:51

      train hard like everyone else in Group 3 and your times will come tumbling down.

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