Training Sessions: w/c 30th September 2013

This week’s training sessions are;


Tuesday 1st October

TBH Winter Grand Prix Series 2013/14: Race 1

The 5K race begins at 7:00pm from the bottom of Glasshouse St. (next to the Marines Reserve Base) with all competitors setting off at the same time.

Members are advised to meet at the club between 6:00 – 6:30pm and jog to the start (1 mile).

Athletes are also strongly advised to read the race guidelines (click here).

A map of the course can be found here.


Wednesday 2nd October

Beginners Session: 6:30pm at East End Pool.

These sessions are targeted for beginners only and may not be suitable for experienced runners.


Thursday 3rd October

Group 1: 2 Sets (4 x 800m)

Group 2: 2 Sets (4 x 3 minutes)

Group 3: 2 Sets (4 x 3 minutes)

Group 4: 2 Sets (4 x 3 minutes)

Group 5: 8 x 2 minutes


Note: sessions may change on discretion of group leader.

New runners are always welcome along on a club night try out the training sessions.

There’ll be no pressure to join, no expectation to run beyond your means and you won’t be left behind to run on your own.

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