TBH Cup: Race 6 (Tynedale 10M Road Race)


And so, after five eventful races, the conclusion of the TBH Cup comes down to this: the Tynedale 10M Road Race on Sunday, 1st September.

Whether you’re treating it as one-off race or a practice run for the GNR, the Jelly T 10M is a fantastic race, with a course that challenges both new and seasoned runners alike. Starting on the outskirts of the Hexham, the route heads east towards Corbridge at which point runners tackle a fairly tough climb for a mile or so. But once you’ve reached the summit, the race drops down to the Tyne and is virtually flat the remainder of the way. Except for a little something at mile 9, but the less said about that the better. If you’ve never ran the race before then you’re in for a nice surprise :thumbsup:


Tynedale 10M route and profile view.

Tynedale 10M route and profile view.

Click here for a larger map.


With one race remaining, the outcome of the TBH Cup is still in the balance.

It all began at this year’s AGM when someone suggested a series of races throughout the year, with the member accumulating the most points being acclaimed the champion. Of course, to make it fairer for those not blessed with blistering speed (me) or bags of stamina (me again), the races would range from 5K to 10 Mile, with a fiendish points system also coming into play, so members finishing a race in 100th position could – theoretically – still amass the same amount of points of someone finishing in the Top 10.

Once the selection of six races had been finalised – and it was decided the best 5 scores (out of 6) would be counted – it was time to begin proceedings with the first race of the series, The Clive Cookson 10K in May.

Now, some three months later, we’ve reached the final race of the competition, Sunday’s Tynedale 10 Mile RR.

Stevie Barker currently heads proceedings, having competed in all 5 races so far, but with several members still to register their full quota of points, it’s all to play for. Good luck to everyone racing on Sunday.


nameRace 1: Clive Cookson 10kRace 2: Blaydon RacesRace 3: Tynedale 10kRace 4: Sunderland 5kRace 5: Morpeth 10kTotal Points
stephen barker120130120100110580
stuart dickson110140110100110570
marc fenwick135135135135540
chris graham135125115125500
k mac135135105115490
kevin cheetham901201008090480
darryl davison115115105115450
dave moir12511510595440
alex lockwood11012011090430
joanne wood80110807080420
keith rooney10511585105410
sinead coffey80110807070410
steve cairns135135135405
steve allerdyce125155125405
jon moss1101009090390
lucy matheson115125125365
paul hilton115135105355
dave young11514595355
elliott hails105135105345
andy harrison130110100340
sophie marr120120100340
natalie ohlson701108080340
megan parkin105125105335
alison habebi80958080335
dave rowe10512595325
charlotte carpenter10013090320
nick pearson12510585315
chris parkin8012090290
aimee cook12010070290
stephen douthwaite8511585285
sophie wardrobe9011080280
amanda tunmore8011585280
nicola brady8011080270
steve compton8511565265
alex battersby908090260
shaun brown115135250
kevin jeffress135115250
stephanie mcfarlane1008065245
michael duff808580245
sara sedgley808580245
sparrow morley135105240
joseph turner135105240
david appleby130110240
james knox1056565235
ann grenfell95135230
henrik aicher100110210
scott wilkinson707065205
isobel knox100100200
julie shaw9090180
micky baker8565150
keith smith135135
mal gibson135135
andrew dougal125125
nick varley125125
john tollitt120120
matty tomlinson115115
chris meek110110
denise waugh110110
ross sedgley100100
victoria forster100100
jo lee8585
michael blench8080

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