Powburn Show Fell Race 3rd August 2013

It’s been something of a Boy’s Own Collection of race reports lately, with great write-up’s from Alan Wallace, Tony Carter and Rob Wishart. But striking back for the ladies is Julie Shaw with this little gem.

4th Powburn Show Fell Race.
It was a warm sunny day, although a little windy, but having really enjoyed this race last year I was eager to take part.

I was so busy talking to people on the start-line I forgot to set my garmin and before I knew it the race had started and we off.

Through several bumpy fields, over gates (I am never sure why we don’t open the gates, it must be a fell race thing!) until we reached the river crossing. I did my usual scream going through, apologising to the fella next to me.

I went over a stile, through another gate – yes that is correct, I went through the gate, is that cheating? – and then started the long climb up the only hill in the race. I did manage to overtake one person but as I was approaching the half-way point up the climb the leaders had already started their descent and were flinging themselves down, I cannot believe how fast they were going. I got to the top – after walking some of the way – and decided to take a moment or two to take in the great views.

Then the dreaded downhill.

After 2 fellas passed me I began thinking I really need to work on my ‘almost’ vertical down-hills. Eventually getting to the bottom, and retracing my steps back through the river (SCREAM!!) I spotted several runners in front, but didn’t see the hole in the fence where I was supposed to go through. So I just jumped a barbed wire fence. Where I got stuck. The poor fella following me asked if I was ok, I apologised to him as I was well stuck, holding him up for what seemed to be minutes of trying to free myself, upon which I promptly fell into some nettles. I picked myself up thinking I am nearly there. Just a few fields, climbing over the gate – yes I climbed over this one – another stile and then I could see the show ground marquees just ahead. A short steep bit to finish and then loads of people cheering, I’d done it. I finished with only a few nettle stings and a little hole in my shorts.

I would recommend this to anyone, honestly it was great fun. I was 5th women (out of six) in the race and if I can do this anyone can. Well done to the 1st place female Sam Crowe (Elswick Harriers) and 1st place male Phil Sanderson, also Elswick.


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    • Medium Al on 7th August 2013 at 12:59
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    Well done Julie. Great report from what looks like a canny race.

    • Stu Dickson on 7th August 2013 at 14:20
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    Well done Julie on a great race & report, although sounds a bit like Rob’s Total Warrior adventures what with the barbed wire and all..

    • Annette Kelly on 11th August 2013 at 21:26
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    Great race report Julie! Well done. Must give this fell racing a go, it sounds fun.

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