Blaydon Races: 9th of June

Well done to all the members who completed the 151st Blaydon Races, especially in conditions best suited to sunbathing beside a pool as opposed to running six(ish) miles from Newcastle to Blaydon.

There were some scintillating performances, with Marc Fenwick (16th overall) and Steve Cairns (1st M45-54) just two to mention, but with temperatures touching the high 70’s – and very little wind to cool the runners – everyone who finished  truly earned their bottle of beer (given away in the goodie bag).

Race report to follow.
Members results.

memberchip time
marc fenwick28.59
stevie cairns29.33
shaun brown31.56
matty tomlinson32.36
paul hilton32.43
dave moir33.29
rob wishart33.51
stephen barker34.10
andy harrison34.15
john hurse34.46
david appleby34.47
dave young35.34
simon pryde35.47
alex lockwood35.50
chris graham36.01
john tollitt36.16
mal gibson36.29
elliott hails36.39
dave antill37.09
mark jackson37.23
guy rintoul37.37
john finlay37.44
graham king38,04
sophie marr38.06
euan clubbs38.08
dan birchall38.10
nick varley38.24
dave rowe38.45
ross palmer39.00
lucy matheson39.53
chris mitsides39.59
natalie batey40,07
steve allerdyce40.26
alan wallace40.30
nick pearson40.35
michael hancock41.03
james robson41.05
megan parkin41.10
emma wright41.29
stuart dickson41.34
bryan ankers41.48
steve douthwaite42.25
ben thackray42.30
steven compton42.57
kerry reed43.11
phillippa nichol43.51
claire miller-grossett43.55
charlotte carpenter44.00
chris parkin44.20
kevin cheetham44.22
alice gowling44.55
ann grenfell44.54
emma moir45.24
Stephen hall45.28
joanne wood45.40
aimee cook45.52
davy anderson45.52
james knox45.37
lizzy clamp46.47
katrina matheson46.06
annette kelly46.12
sinead coffey47.50
nicola brady48.02
natalie ohlson48.09
sophie wardrobe48.34
denise waugh48.46
gemma brady49.24
steve hargreaves50.00
becky parkin49.49
vicky forster49.31
george caulkin46.43
stephanie mcfarlane49.44
gavin townsend49.36
amanda tunmore51.05
laura portland50.01
clare smith52.40
david charlton52.55
penny wilmott54.03
alison habebi52.42
sue mullinger55.24
sharron liddle55.11
micky duff58.07
alison smith58.37
scott wilkinson57.31
kelly hunter-spencer58.36
imran mohammed58.39
sara sedgley57.59
jessica anderson59.38
sandy anderson59.38
Margaret hagood58.14
Alison bulman58.17
kate gordon58.21
jude smith58.06
joanne lee59.57
vicki deritis1.02.18
helen fox1.10.38

Full results can be found here


Many thanks to Richard Jones for the race photographs.




























































IMG-20130609-00040 (2)


IMG-20130609-00041 (3)


IMG-20130609-00042 (2)


IMG-20130609-00045 (3)


IMG-20130609-00046 (2)


IMG-20130609-00047 (2)




IMG-20130609-00050 (2)


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  1. please contact me if your name is missing from the above results, cheers.

    And many thanks to all the members that took part in the race. It was fantastic experience seeing so many TBH vests in such an iconic race.

    • Penny Wilmott on 9th June 2013 at 20:49
    • Reply

    Well done everyone! Very chuffed with my time. It’s my first proper race since 9th June 2012 and I have taken 3 minutes off last year’s time (admittedly last year I was carrying an injury and had to walk several times). Still a long way to get to where I want to be (and where I was in 2010) but making good progress.

    • on 10th June 2013 at 06:31
    • Reply

    Well done everybody, superb TBH turnout & some brilliant times. Howay the lads n lasses.

    • Stu Dickson on 10th June 2013 at 11:46
    • Reply

    Fantastic turnout from TBH in very warm conditions, special mention must to go to all the cheers and support at the start, along Scotswood Road and at the finish! Really appreciated!

    • Big Ron on 10th June 2013 at 12:11
    • Reply

    Made a pleasant change watching the race rather than competing, don’t know if I’d rather have been running though, tadge too warm for me.

    Well done everyone, we probably had one of the biggest turnouts from any club and there were some sparkling performances along the way.

    • RobW on 10th June 2013 at 12:12
    • Reply

    Massive turnoot and good to get cheered at spots along the way! Canny geet big tornoot at Tyne Bar Harriers too.

    • Elliott Hails on 10th June 2013 at 13:19
    • Reply

    Hi Dave, My name is missing.
    Elliott Hails 36:39

    • Stephen Hall on 10th June 2013 at 16:20
    • Reply

    I’m not on cos i entered before i joined TBH my chip time was 45.28

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