Clive Cookson 10K: 22nd May 2013

marc fenwick - clive cooksonMany congratulations to Marc Fenwick on his magnificent victory at this year’s Clive Cookson 10k race.

The event, organised by North Shields Poly running club, had threatened to be a damp squib, with heavy rain showers sweeping across North Tyneside prior to the race. But thankfully these were short-lived, and by the time the race got underway the conditions were perfect for running.

As is usually the case at local races, there was another huge turn-out of Tyne Bridge members, and as the first of the 2-lap race was completed, Mark, Steve Cairns, Kevin Jeffress, Keith Smith and K Mac were among the leading groups of runners.

But just as rewarding was watching all the other members run by, all striving for that 10k PB. Sometimes in a race you can tell who isn’t giving 100%, and are content with coasting around the course. But not here. Everyone was trying their hardest and that was fantastic to see.

When the leading runner came into view for the second time, approximately 600m from the finishing line, you could see they were wearing a white club vest. But was it a Tyne Bridge vest? And if so, was it Marc or Steve.

The answer came when they reached the roundabout at the end of Rake Lane and the unmistakable stride pattern of Marc could be made out. As he turned into the finishing straight, about 20 seconds ahead of the 2nd placed runner, the beam on Marc’s face said it all, he was delighted just as much as his team mates and family who were watching from the side lines. A fabulous victory.

The gracious Ross Flloyd (Morpeth Harriers) was 2nd, with Chris Smith (Wallsend Harriers) finishing strong in 3rd place.

Steve Cairns was 1st Veteran Male (4th overall).

In the ladies race, Alison Dargie (Elswick Harriers) came 1st, with Angela McGurk (Jarrow & Hebburn) 2nd and Suzanne Thew (North Shields Poly) 3rd.

To round off a fine evening of racing, Tyne Bridge also won the Men’s Team competition, thanks to Marc Fenwick, Steve Cairns, Kevin Jeffress and Joseph Turner.

Tyne Bridge Harriers’ results.

100:31:49FENWICK, Marc
400:33:00CAIRNS, Steve
1100:34:46JEFFRESS, Kevin
1300:35:06TURNER, Joseph
1400:35:07SMITH, Keith
1500:35:12MAC, K
1800:35:41HILTON, Paul
2600:36:36ANDERSON, David
3400:36:58BARKER, Stevie
3800:37:14MOIR, David
3900:37:17BAGLEY, Anthony
4500:37:41PRENDERGAST, Mark
5900:38:31DOUGAL, Andrew
6600:38:53MOSS, Jon
6900:38:59LOCKWOOD, Alex
7700:39:25YOUNG, David
8900:40:00REYNOLDS, Mark
10000:41:10KNOX, Isobel
12400:41:57KING, Graham
13700:42:23HAILS, Elliott
14000:42:28ROWE, David Craig
14200:42:33PARKIN, Megan
14400:42:37ROONEY, Keith Terence
15200:42:55MATHESON, Lucy
15900:43:27SCOTT, Conrad
17800:44:02DICKSON, Stuart
18300:44:10ALLERDYCE, Steven
19100:44:48BAKER, Micky
21700:46:20COMPTON, Steven Malcolm
21900:46:24SEDGELEY, Ross
22000:46:27DOUTHWAITE, Steve
22100:46:33CARPENTER, Charlotte
23400:47:12WARDROBE, Sophie
23900:47:37SHAW, Julie
25100:48:23HALL, Stephen
25400:48:28CHEETHAM, Kevin
26800:49:05PARKIN, Chris
27300:49:17NEILL, Kerry
27700:49:32BRADY, Nicola
28100:49:42BLENCH, Michael
28300:49:49GRENFELL, Ann
28600:49:55MATHESON, Katrina
28900:50:12WOOD, Joanne
29900:51:11COFFEY, Sinead
30900:51:46QUINN, Mick
32400:53:17OHLSSON, Natalie
35300:56:19FINN, Margaret
35600:56:38HABEBI, Alison
35900:57:26TUNMORE, Amanda Louise
36601:00:52SEDGELY, Sara Louise
37101:03:10DUFF, Michael

Full results can be found here.
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Photographs of TBH in action at Clive Cookson 10K – Here

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    • Micky Baker on 23rd May 2013 at 12:21
    • Reply

    A great night for TBH as many PB’s as there was Black “n” white vests everyone ran with pride and passion. A special mention to Marc on winning his 1st road race I and everyone in the club is so proud of you well done.

    • on 23rd May 2013 at 12:23
    • Reply

    FANTASTIC running from all last night… well done for a superb TBH turnout.

    Well deserved win from Marc !! & congratulations also to Steve Cairns.. top running .. nice one.

    Well done to everybody.

    • Cat on 23rd May 2013 at 12:30
    • Reply

    well done everyone last night! was great to watch and cheer you all on from the sidelines and massive congrats to Mark Fenwick for your first 10k victory :)

    • kenny mac on 23rd May 2013 at 13:17
    • Reply

    Must mention Joe Turner who beat Keith Smith and I. Well done

  1. I’ve only posted results where a runner is listed as Tyne Bridge.
    Let me know if your name is missing from the results and I’ll amend accordingly.

    • Stuart Dickson on 23rd May 2013 at 14:59
    • Reply

    Well done Marc fantastic time and first place, well done to everybody else who ran and for all the support from the sidelines, a great turnout of over 50 TBH, more than any other club i believe excellent!

    • Stevie Barker on 23rd May 2013 at 18:06
    • Reply

    Results amended with my time 36:58 ….34th place :-)

    1. Thanks for letting me know Stevie. And congratulations on a fabulous PB.

    • kevin cheetham on 23rd May 2013 at 21:29
    • Reply

    David i dont know if they have noticed themselves but Henrik Aicher and Michael Blench are missing from the results

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