TBH Summer Grand Prix: Race 1 results

If the remaining five races of this year’s Summer Series match the first, then we’re in store for a fantastic summer of racing.

On a cool, still evening, Marc Fenwick set a blistering pace around the 2 Mile course, finishing in a new record time of 10m 01s. 2nd on the night was Darryl Davison – no doubt still on a high following his 10k PB at the weekend – closely followed by David Beech and K Mac.

Meg Parkin was the 1st female finisher, with a time of 13m 18s, and there were 75 finishers in total.

Many thanks to all the members who volunteered on the night and to those who came along to support the runners.

marc fenwick00:10:01
darryl davison00:10:40
david beech00:10:54
k mac00:10:57
louis goffe00:11:25
dave anderson00:11:36
david appleby00:11:45
ben priestley00:11:46
andy lisle00:11:47
stevie barker00:11:49
rob wishart00:12:05
euan clubbs00:12:08
mark hobkirk00:12:09
peter kennedy00:12:16
john moss00:12:19
guy rintoul00:12:30
james knox00:12:35
dave young00:12:41
mal gibson00:12:49
meg parkin00:13:18
ryan hogben00:13:20
alan wallace00:13:21
dave rowe00:13:28
matt walker00:13:32
chichi noyambe00:13:33
ben thackray00:13:33
colin dilks00:13:36
keith rooney00:13:39
mike parker00:13:39
steven compton00:13:42
colin whittle00:13:52
mick hancock00:13:53
conrad scott00:13:56
chris hughes00:14:08
chris parkin00:14:10
rajan nair00:14:15
andy walton00:14:20
kevin cheetham00:14:34
steve douthwaite00:14:36
louise harwood00:14:43
charlotte carpenter00:14:46
annette kelly00:14:48
steve allerdyce00:14:58
sophie wardrobe00:15:01
joy fenwick00:15:06
alice gowing00:15:06
ruth lee00:15:16
caroline smith00:15:16
nicola brady00:15:21
elspeth lawson00:15:30
stephen hall00:15:33
lizzy clamp00:15:35
jordan kelly00:15:37
emma moir00:15:38
gemma brady00:15:54
scott wilkinson00:15:56
sinead coffey00:16:02
joe wood00:16:34
stephanie mcfarlane00:16:49
clare smith00:17:04
mark allison00:17:43
alison habebi00:17:53
joanne lee00:18:18
margaret hagood00:18:20
donna houghton00:18:21
alison bulman00:19:15
sara sedgley00:19:16
hannah shaw00:19:42
micky duff00:19:43
vicki deritis00:19:46
kerrie whittle00:19:53
louise easton00:19:54
penny wilmott00:20:14
paul brown00:25:19

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