Dare 2b Spine Race: 12-19th January 2013


On behalf of everyone at Tyne Bridge Harriers, our very best wishes to David Beech who is currently competing in the Dare 2b Spine Race.

The Spine is described as Britain’s most brutal race, being the longest, coldest and most demanding mountain marathon in Britain. 268 miles of ice, snow, cold and savage winds. And to make the event just that little more challenging, competitors have 7 days to complete the race.


David Beech coming in to finish off a fine performance

David Beech in training.

The Dare 2b Spine Race is a 268 mile, non-stop, winter mountain marathon encompassing the entire Pennine Way. Widely recognised as the most demanding National Trail in Britain, the Pennine Way crosses some of the most beautiful, difficult and challenging terrain found in England, including; the Peak District, Cheviots, Yorkshire Dales and Northumberland National Park – finishing on the Scottish Borders. 

The Spine Race is open to anyone with appropriate experience who wishes to test themselves in a gruelling non-stop, 7 day race from Edale to Kirk Yetholm. But it’s not just the conditions that are against the competitors – their  own body could become their worst enemy with tiredness, fatigue, sleep deprivation and exposure playing havoc with performance. To finish, competitors must be prepared and willing to push themselves harder than ever before.

Good luck David :-)

For up-to-date news of David’s progress during the race click here 

Further information about the event can be found here


**UPDATE – Sunday 13th January**

Sadly, David has been forced to withdraw from the event. After a fantastic start to the race, with his name even being on top of the leaderboard after CP1, David began throwing up during the second day and did the sensible thing by deciding to stop before it got worse. Excellent effort David we are all really proud of you!

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  1. All the best David. You’re one of the most determined and spirited athletes I’ve had the pleasure to come across and I’ll be rooting for you the whole way.

    • Dave Moir on 9th January 2013 at 12:00
    • Reply

    I think I speak for the whole club David when I say…………. YOU ARE MENTAL!!!

    Good luck with it and we’ll all be watching your progress.

  2. I hope you have good fortune with the weather and stay injury free Dave. A tough a challenge as they come, good luck. Jog on…..

    • Si on 9th January 2013 at 17:54
    • Reply

    Dominate it bro! Remember not to go out too fast over the first few miles, for a sprinter’s thrill is going out fast, but for a distance runner- it is the journey between the start and the finish.

    “May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back.”
    -Irish Proverb

    • David Beech on 9th January 2013 at 18:12
    • Reply

    Thanks guys, really appreciate the support, and advice everyone at the club has provided, im ready both physicsally and mentally, im quietly confident, and will be focussing on finishing the event and see what happens.

    You can always rely on me to give 100% no matter what, so i will show these Ultra Running Pro types what TBH is all about…

    • John Tollitt on 10th January 2013 at 12:25
    • Reply

    All the best with this one Dave. Make sure you come back in one piece.Look foward to hearing all about it.

    • Arthur Christmas on 10th January 2013 at 15:47
    • Reply

    Well done for even getting your Soloman’s on the start line. I know you will finish this even if you have to crawl the last few miles. Dont go off too fast, eat, sleep and be merry

    TBH is right behind you the whole way..

  3. Hope the conditions suit you David. I know you’ll give it your utmost but all the best. .

    • Apples on 11th January 2013 at 08:26
    • Reply

    Good luck Dave, truly inspirational stuff, hope it all goes well for you.

    • Kev jeffress on 11th January 2013 at 19:22
    • Reply

    Good luck dave! Have a good one

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