Aqua Running sessions @ East End Pool

As you probably know Newcastle City Council are starting Aqua Running sessions at East End Pool on Friday nights. They have also arranged a number of other taster sessions at other pools in the City.

Members of Tyne Bridge Harriers are welcome to try these sessions out, free of charge, all they need to do is contact Tamela Davison at and let her know which session they are interested in.

Please note, the session at East End Pool on Friday evenings has a class capacity of 30 and the Monday lunch-time sessions at City Pool are fully booked.

This is not a standard aqua running session, it is a trademarked activity and uses a  Hydro Buoyancy System rather than a standard belt. If people want to find out more they can visit the website .

During the session participants stay in one spot and train in that area; there is no music, no running up and down the pool. It’s very much like a circuit session.


The classes will be split into 3 elements

Aqua Bells (upper and lower body workout)
Cardio tempo work


Schedule of free sessions.


Monday 26th NovCity Pool (FULL)1.00pm – 2.00pmLeanne Wood
Monday 26th NovEast End Pool7.30am – 8.30amChris Mitsides
Monday 26th NovEast End Pool11.00am – 12.00pmSteve Gorman
Tuesday 27th NovCity Pool8.00am – 9.00amPaul Gates
Tuesday 27th NovGosforth Pool12.00pm – 1.00pmLiam Cachia
Wednesday 28th NovElswick Pool8.00am – 9.00amMartin Ogg
Wednesday 28th NovElswick Pool7.30pm – 8.30pmMartin Ogg
Wednesday 28th NovGosforth Pool7.15am – 8.15amTamela Davison
Thursday 29th NovCity Pool8.00am – 9.00amLeanne Wood
Thursday 29th NovGosforth Pool7.30pm – 8.30pmLiam Cachia
Thursday 29th NovOuter West6.00pm – 7.00pmMartin Ogg
Friday 30th NovCity Pool12.00pm – 1.00pmPaul Gates
Friday 30th NovEast End Pool7.15pm – 8.15pmChris Mitsides
Saturday 1st DecElswick Pool3.00pm – 4.00pmMartin Ogg
Monday 3rd DecCity Pool (FULL)12.30pm – 1.30pmLeanne Wood
Monday 3rd DecEast End Pool7.30am – 8.30amChris Mitsides
Monday 3rd DecEast End Pool11.00am – 12.00pmChris Mitsides
Tuesday 4th DecCity Pool8.00am – 9.00amPaul Gates
Tuesday 4th DecGosforth Pool12.00pm – 1.00pmMartin Ogg
Wednesday 5th DecElswick Pool8.00am – 9.00amMartin Ogg
Wednesday 5th DecElswick Pool7.30pm – 8.30pmMartin Ogg
Wednesday 5th DecGosforth Pool7.15am – 8.15amTamela Davison
Thursday 6th DecCity Pool8.00am – 9.00amLeanne Wood
Thursday 6th DecGosforth Pool7.30pm – 8.30pmTamela Davison
Thursday 6th DecOuter West6.00pm – 7.00pm
Friday 7th DecCity Pool12.00pm – 1.00pmLeanne Wood
Friday 7th DecEast End Pool7.15pm – 8.15pmChris Mitsides
Saturday 8th DecElswick Pool3.00pm – 4.00pmMartin Ogg


For further information please contact Tamela Davison

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    • Apples on 20th November 2012 at 13:21
    • Reply

    If anybody is interested you aren’t limited to one session subject to availability you can do as many as you like or are pyhsically able to. Based on a recent Tweet by Vicki Deritis I am very interested in seeing Badger Tollitt take part in one of these sessions.

    • John Tollitt on 20th November 2012 at 13:44
    • Reply

    Potential aquarunners will be relieved to hear that I have no plans to attend any of these sessions.

      • Apples on 20th November 2012 at 13:58
      • Reply

      Boo Hiss

    • Apples on 26th November 2012 at 17:59
    • Reply

    Did my first one today at City Pool and was pleasantly surprised, a really good workout combining cardio, resistance and core work with short recoveries. Back at City Pool tomorrow at 8.00 am for another session

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