Forest Burn Fell Run – 12th August 2012

Forest Burn Fell Run Race report by Julie Shaw

I had attempted this fell race 3 years ago and got lost, so I was a little worried!

I asked the organiser the route and he said you just follow the white poles.  I started the fell race with 4 women and about 20 fit men.  I was nervous as normal, 1 minute to go, 30 seconds to go and then off.  As usual I was left at the back after what I think was a very quick start.

First obstacle muddy bog :-(   second obstacle nettles :-( :-( . After trying all I could to avoid them I was still being stung so just thought I would just go for it.  Third obstacle limbo under a wire fence which brought you to a very steep and muddy incline to what looked like a little stream while running through without slipping was a sudden dip.  The water was cold and I did a little scream as it went up to my knees, to the spectators and fellow runners amusement ;-) .  Fourth obstacle a long, long hill climb to the top and then back down along the same route.  I could see I was not the last person on the race to my delight.  I was trying to go downhill as fast and safe as I could using Dave Anderson’s open arm technique, I need more practice as I fell over a few times.

By this stage I was very hot, so the deep water which I now was aware of was refreshing.  Up the incline back under the wire fence I could see the show ground.  So as fast as I could on uneven grass I sprinted for the line and finished 3rd lady.

I had a great time and would encourage others to do these fell runs.  They are free to enter and although they were no prizes in this run a lot of money can be won at other country fair fell races.  There was also comments of “we need to see more Tynebridge Harriers in these races” as we are seen in big groups running around Jesmond Dene.

Race photographs (including a couple of Julie) can be found at

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  1. Thanks for a great report Julie, and well done on finishing 3rd.

    It’s good to see some of female members chancing their arm (and legs) at fell running, which will stand you in good stead come the cross country season.

    • Kenny Mac on 14th August 2012 at 22:55
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    well done Julie, sorry if I missed you out, shout out next time

    • John Tollitt on 14th August 2012 at 23:50
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    Great run and report Julie.I did this race last year when it was rescheduled to Boxing Day after the show was cancelled due to the weather. Seems to be catching this fell running lark! Falstone Show fell race at 2.30 on Saturday (4.9 miles) anybody?

    • Lynne Cornell on 15th August 2012 at 14:22
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    Well done Julie.Excellent report and a great run.

    • Colin Dilks on 15th August 2012 at 19:46
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    The TBH fell running posse is expanding! Well done Julie on doing the race and writing an interesting report – mud, nettles, a river crossing (twice) – sounds a great run.

    Let’s get a TBH team to the next races – especially those who have never tried it before. Arniston Fell Race is on Sat 25th August (Bank Holiday weekend) at Patterdale (Ullswater) – a 2mile up for 1,000feet and then 1mile down. Free to enter the race, £5 to get in to the Patterdale Dog Day event with shepherd crook competitions, sheepdog trials and a Men’s baking competition. What more could anyone want?

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