Blaydon Race 2012 Report

Tyne Bridge’s newest member, Steve Cairns, sends his report from this year’s race:


View from the front: Well just behind it actually:

Kenny had been championing the cause of TYNE BRIDGE for about a year to me, but I finally got the clearance from UK athletics, to late for the vets relays but in time for Blaydon, so that was to be my debut for the club, and I have to admit travelling down I did feel nervous. I felt that was a good sign though as it meant I was up for it and wanted to run well. I knew from my training and other recent races that I was in good shape, and I had looked at the history of the race and now wanted to add my name to that history.

I will apologise to anyone if I appeared unfriendly before the start, but that’s my way of dealing with the pressure of racing, I have a set routine, which I go through so that when the gun or bell in this case goes I know I, am ready.

So off I went with Kenny for a light warm up jog where he showed me his special toilet!!! I then left Kenny to be on my own for some strides, some light stretching where I use this quiet time to plan my race through positive thinking. I then did one last stride and I headed to the start.

While waiting in the start pen, I could sense everyone getting nervous with the delay, so I just thought to myself it’s the same for everyone, so no one is getting an advantage over me. I recognised a few other runners around me which brought back memories of past battles and focused my mind.

I try not to think about anyone else at the start as there is nothing I can do about how they run, so as we moved forward I started to plan my own race, I wanted top 20 and I knew I needed to get into that position by the first ½ – 1 mile.

The bell finally went and I was off into my running looking for the gaps and the path of least resistance.  As I wound my way through the streets, I was moving through the field, finding my rhythm, I felt good, so I kept overtaking people, I did not look for any other runners to sit on, but instead kept moving through to a pace where I felt comfortable.  As we reached the open road I looked ahead and saw the front group, it was not too far away so I was pleased with how I was feeling, I was now in a group of about 7 and I felt we where moving well, with a lad from Morpeth in his famous blue and white vest, setting the pace, by now the rain was torrential but again I thought it’s the same for everyone and put it out of my mind to concentrate on my own pace.

The group kept surging as we dropped 2 runners and I still felt comfortable but I knew I had reached my race pace. By the 3-mile mark we had dropped another 2 runners and it was now just me, with the Morpeth and white and green vested Heaton runner.

I wanted to take my turn at the front and I tried but every time I moved up along side they surged again, this was the same on the hills when they would get about a 10 meter gap on me, but I would always pull it back on the straight. (Note to self must do more hill sessions).

It was when we came off the road onto the cycle path that I heard my first ‘come on TYNE BRIDGE’ cheer, I raised my hand in acknowledgement and appreciated the cheer.  Because I never look behind me in a race, I don’t like turns as it makes you think about the runners behind you, I believe that if they are behind you then you have already beaten them and you should always focus on the race in front. Again I turned this into a positive, as I reminded myself I am always strong in the second ½ and there was no way anyone was going to catch me now.

A few more rolling hills and we turned off the main road, I knew there was less than a mile to go, so it’s all about giving it everything and not giving an inch in trying to get one more place.

I crossed the line and actually remembered to stop my watch which read 29:46, I never look at my watch during a race, as I would rather let my body decide how fast I can run. I wanted a top 20 finish and I think I achieved that, so it was a job well done.

I waited at the finish for the rest of my new team and enjoyed hearing that most of them had had good races too.  Now getting cold we headed to the bus, I started to feel hungry and remembered the goody bag had a ham sandwich: One bite into it, I wondered what the strange taste was ‘’PEASE PUDDING’’ came the reply from my now laughing team mates on lack of Geordie culture!!

The talk is we might have got the team or the vet’s team prize, which I hope is true as running is normally such an individual sport so to be a part of a team is a nice feeling.

After a quick shower at Paul’s we headed to the pub. I believe the sign of a good club, is if they can socialise? Well TYNE BRIDGE certainly are and can!!!  Thank you to everyone who came up and chatted to me and made me feel welcome.

An easy 12 miles in the morning with a few of the boys ended a good weekend and not a bad start to my new club:

See you all at the next race, and again I will apologise if I don’t remember all your names, it was a lot to take in in one weekend and I did have a lot to drink for me:


Selected results

Peter Lemuya (Kenya) 27:35 Winner

Steve Cairns 29:46 (18th)

Tony Carter 30:12 (22nd)

Marc Fenwick 30:39 (32nd)

Sparrow Morley 30:50 (36th)

Keith Smith 30:51 (39th)

Kenny Mac 31:40 (56th)

Louis Goffe 32:14 (67th)

Jack Neeson 32:33 (77th)

Paul Hilton 32:35 (79th)

Joe Turner 32:36 (80th)

Kevin Jeffress 32:48 (89th)

Sean Kelly 33:12

David Moir 32:27

David Appleby 33:44

Ian Jackman 33:48

David Daniels 34:01 (33:59 on my garmin – honest ;-) )

Mike Norbury 34:16

Mark Hall 34:17

Paul Turnbull 34:22

Mark Prendergast 35:00

Rob Wishart 35:01

Andy Harrison 35:05

Piers Pye-Watson 35:15

John Tollit 35:20

Peter kennedy 35:25

Darryl Davison 35:46

John Hurse 36:28

Simon Pryde 36:34

Andy Lisle 36:46

David Rowe 36:53

Chris Mitsides 36:59

Caroline Freeman 37:21

Gary Wright 37:43

James Robson 38:18

Mark Reynolds 38:24

Daniel Birchall 38:40

Micky Baker 38:45

David Antill 39:28

David Taylor 39:34

Catherine Willis 39:44

Joy Fenwick 40:06

David Anderson 40:23

Alan Wallace 40:50

Ron Murray 40:56

Ste Hargreaves 41:08

Martin Hall 41:25

Kerry Reed 41:54

Graham King 42:27

Megan Parkin 42:32

Gavin Townsend 42:55

Lisa Walker 43:22

Imran Mohammed 43:35


Emma Moir 44:25

Jane Lowes 44:37

Chris Parkin 44:37

Vanessa Lawrence 45:49

Denise Waugh 46:00

Lizzy Clamp 49:25

Janine Swail 50:02

Hannah Taylor 50:21

Kate Meek 50:21

Mark Allison 51:13

Sarah Kipling 51:26

Jude Smith 51:52

Samantha Collier 54:22

Danielle Rutherford 54:50

Vicky Deritis 55:42

Megan Brette 55:49

Penny Wilmott 58:07

David Talbot 67:07


Team Results:


1st: Morpeth

2nd Tyne Bridge

3rd Wallsend

4th Birtley

5th Tyne Bridge



1st North Shields

2nd Morpeth

3rd Tyne Bridge

4th Elswick

5th Sunderland Harriers

6th Tyne Bridge


Lasses finished in 8th position

Kenny was 9th in the over 40 category

Keith was 1st in the over 45 category

Ron was 8th in the over 60 category

Megan was 3rd of the young lasses


Full results of this year’s race can be found here:


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    • Apples on 10th June 2012 at 21:48
    • Reply

    Great report Steve, really enjoyed the read. If anybody in the Club needs to get into the race mindset they just need to read your report. Focus, discipline, self belief, determination, It’s all there. Brilliant and inspirational stuff.

    • Sean Kelly on 10th June 2012 at 22:10
    • Reply

    Whilst you have written about your own experience at the ‘sharp end’ of the race, you’ve given food for thought for all readers of the TBH website. We’re all delighted to have you on board the mighty Tyne Bridge Harriers. Great run, fantastic social afterwards and it was an enjoyable recovery run with you on Sunday morning. Look forward to racing alongside you soon, Stevie.

  1. Congratulations Steve on a tremendous performance and a great result. And congratulations too, to everyone else from the club for putting on a great display of strength. To have two teams in the top 10 of each men’s category is a fantastic achievement. I must say thanks to all those members who lined up along the route (and got an absolute soaking :-( ) for their support.

    • Simon Pryde on 10th June 2012 at 22:16
    • Reply

    Great report, and welcome! Some great results all round.

    • Kenny Mac on 10th June 2012 at 22:30
    • Reply

    The Special Toilet lol, classic, Matty Tomlinson’s jaw dropped when he saw you at the start line. Great day with you yesterday, a font of knowledge and willing to share your experiences and prowess, a great asset to the club, now its time for Mrs Cairns to sign up.

    Mrs Cairns is a top Ultra Runner, loads of runners at club with Ultra pedigree, Run Geordie Run, Rob Wishart, John JH and Colin Dilks who has just done the Lochalsh Dirty 30 at the weekend

    • John Tollitt on 10th June 2012 at 22:40
    • Reply

    Welcome aboard the good ship TBH Stevie.Great run on Saturday and cracking report .

    • Paul Hilton on 10th June 2012 at 22:51
    • Reply

    Having Steve at TBH now, it really makes me want to up my game as we now have 1 of the best Vet teams in the country and I want to be a counter for the team at every race. Not sure what the result will turnout to be as far as the Vets teams results go but whether we are awarded 1st or 2nd there are only about 5 points difference between us and the mighty NSP, who bare in mind won the National Vet Road relays a couple of year ago and have won the Blaydon race a good few times.

    Steve you are really helpful towards other runners as well and I will take on board what you told me about my training and look forward to the next time your down here.

    Oh nearly forgot about your own performance at Blaydon, what can I say, 2nd Vet to a Commonwealth Games representative , I will say the 2 words that you will have to get used to hearing from us at TBH “WELL DONE”

    • Brother Louis on 11th June 2012 at 07:46
    • Reply

    Fantastic report Steve, great to get a sense of what it feels like to be at the elite end of a big race and also what it takes to get there.

    Brilliant to have you part of the club and really enjoyed chatting on Sunday, looking forward to seeing you at the next race!

    • Big Ron on 11th June 2012 at 07:57
    • Reply

    Great report Steve, all I can remeber is the rain and those silly beggars who were trying to miss the puddles on Scotswood Road!!!! I, in fact, was 6th V60 as somehow 2 V65s are in the V60 results so that pleased me.

    Well done to all who ran in what I believe was the worst storm i have ever run through.

    Steve, I speak for all at the club and bid you a huge welcome. The experience you will bring both in training and racing will help us all improve.

    • Cuthbert on 11th June 2012 at 11:17
    • Reply

    Welcome to TBH Steve – a great debut performance both on the road and on the website! Really good to chat post race over a beer and inspiring to have such a top runner in the black and white vest. Looking forward to your next race and report.

    Also special mention for Megan’s fantastic finish in her category – very well done :)

  2. Great race report Steve – I keep meaning to sort a pre-race routine out for myself, I might just steal yours as it seems to work for you!!!

    • Micky Baker on 11th June 2012 at 19:10
    • Reply

    Great report Steve and what a great runner to have in our ranks, welcome aboard and let me tell you Pease Pudding wil do you wonders mate.

    • Lizzy Clamp on 12th June 2012 at 15:09
    • Reply

    Wonderful report and an amazing performance!
    As still some what a beginner, its great to read your thoughts and experience. Its inspiring.
    Was great chatting to you over guiness. Look forward to seeing you again

    • Chris Hughes on 13th June 2012 at 22:20
    • Reply

    Beautiful report. Succinct and inspiring as Carver. Another writer who can run. Mint.

    • Kev jeffress on 14th June 2012 at 22:09
    • Reply

    Great report steve and a fantastic performance, well done marra

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    It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old
    rehashed information. Excellent read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding
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