parkrun results 5th May 2012

Results for  Newcastle parkrun, event number 120, 05/05/2012.

Despite the bitterly cold conditions, customary strong breeze and the occasional hail shower, nine hardy club members turned out for the 120th Newcastle parkrun.

And inspite of the poor running conditions, three members managed to achieve PB’s, LUCY MATHESON 21m 50s (from 23m 01s), MEGAN  PARKIN 23m 06s (23m 39s) and JOANNE LEE 28m 42s (29m 08s). Many congratulations to the three lasses, and well done to the remaining six members for representing the club in perishing conditions.

Thanks also the team of volunteers for making the event go smoothly.


304 participants completed the run on Saturday, with the first male to finish being Michael HEDLEY (M) (Jesmond Joggers) in a time of 00:17:16. The first lady completing the course was Cecily Grace BROWNE (F) in a time of 00:21:36. You can find the full parkrun results for this event here:


The following club members participated:


11 David L APPLEBY 00:18:38


12 John TOLLITT 00:18:43


44 Ed MOORE 00:20:41


73 Lucy MATHESON 00:21:50


78 Graham   Terrence KING 00:22:00


120 Megan PARKIN 00:23:06


135 Chris PARKIN 00:23:27


197 Penny WILMOTT 00:25:40


241 Joanne LEE 00:28:42

Kind thanks to parkrun sponsors; ADIDAS, LUCOZADE and SWEATSHOP

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