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Tyne Bridge Harriers are very happy to announce that we have been chosen to trial the new Beet It Stamina Shots from James White Fruit Juice Drinks Company.

3 club athletes from our different training groups will be taking the Stamina Shots for a two week period and reporting back on the qualities of the shot and any improvements in performance.

We would like to thank James White Drinks for giving us the opportunity to sample this new ‘power drink’ and we look forward to the results.

For more information on Beet It Stamina Shots, please visit the James White website


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    • kenny mac on 24th August 2011 at 21:11
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    Been on the beet it for two weeks now. Tastes like the juice from Baxters beetroot. Has made my toilets go a strange colour. Can’t say if it has improved my performance but will keep taking until my next race and then feedback

    • on 25th August 2011 at 14:02
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    the Beet It Stamina Shot is a much much more concentrated juice than the bottles available from supermarkets or health shops. Been taking the shots for 3 days now.. not enough to gauge a change in performance (if any) just yet.

    • kenny mac on 29th August 2011 at 19:47
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    From Catherine Willis

    Beet It… Day Two/Three

    I’m lucky enough to be one of the chosen few, trialling the Beet It shots for TBH…. having been given a 2 week + 1 day supply, I have been wondering when to start the trial so as to try maximum use of the shots with training. Rob told me I was allowed to try a shot as a one off for an initial taste test and I did this one Sunday a few weeks ago for my long run… as I already hate beetroot and never eat the stuff… drinking a concentrated shot of the juice was … lets be honest… quite horrific. My first experience of the Beet It shot, was probably not a true reflection of its benefits having done my long run after 2 days rest and consuming a copious amount of food and alcohol (alcohol is good carbs right?). I did have a good run, but it was going to take more than that first go to be convinced.

    So this weekend, I have started my official trial… consumed about 2 hours before my long run on Saturday morning, I set out on my 19 mile route… the first few miles of any of my long runs are all about finding the pace and getting breathing at a steady state – and it was this same this time too… but it did seem to be going quite well… even at around 14/15 miles, I wasn’t reaching for the water as often as in the past and legs did feel good and I just kept on going.. maybe this Beet It is pretty good?

    Sunday morning and up at 5am for a triathlon over in Penrith – again the shot was consumed 2 hours before exercise. The legs were feeling good and I seemed to be passing quite a few on the way around… 22km on the bike in gale force winds and some mighty hills… was pleased to be finished and was feeling good, but last up was the run…. again, the legs were a bit wobbly as always but seemed to get into it… I can’t say for sure if this Beet It is helping any but I have another 2 weeks to go, so will see how my training goes… I have high hopes! I’ve got a 20 planned for this weekend… But after a knackering weekend so far, I’ll be interested to see if it gives me a boost for training coming up this week and if I’m feeling less knackered than I’m expecting to be…

    As for the taste… it doesn’t get any votes – it’s absolutely disgusting! Will keep you posted with my infrequent ramblings over the next couple of weeks…

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