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On Friday evening (24th June) at 19:30, Shades & Sparrow will start their 24 hour journey at the gates of Alnwick Castle for the Castles & Islands Challenge 2011. A combined team event to ‘check in’ at checkpoints both on land and sea visiting 5 Castles & 5 Islands along the Northumberland coastline. 30 miles of Running and 56 miles of Sailing to be completed in 24 hours.

The event will include upto 30 teams. Each team can consist of 4 – 6 people. Rob Kirtley & Sparrow Morley from the club will be on the yacht Schuuper, skippered by Peter Lowrie who invited Tyne Bridge Harriers to get involved with this years race.

The Yacht Schuuper.... it's Schuuper Dooper.... AYE!

The event is sponsored by TrackAPhone who issue each team with a Blackberry Device so that they can be monitored & tracked during the 24 hour challenge.

You can download the software to your home computer if you would like to follow the lads and the other teams on their route. NOTE: It only works on Windows based operating systems.

Download Instructions

Your PC needs to have the latest version of Java installed for the tracking software to work. Check & download the latest version HERE

1. download the People Locator Software

2. Enter your user name and click ‘Login’. And you will be guided through the installation of the software.

Username: castle2011
Account No.: track001
Password: islands2011

The People Locator Software Platform

System requirements and IP details:
Logging on from Home:

Windows XP operating system ( or other OS supporting JRE 5.0), Sun’s Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 Update 10
2GHz processor or faster recommended, 512 MB RAM, 60 Megabytes (minimum) of free hard disc space

Logging on from Work:
We recommend that the following outbound IP addresses & ports are opened: ports 80, 443 port 80

TrackAPhone Logo

How to locate a team or mobile on the platform

1. Open up the platform.

2. In the mobiles window on the left hand side of the screen, highlight the team name you wish to locate. (we are SCHUUPER)

3. Right click on the teams name you have highlighted, Select ‘locate mobile’, the teams location will then appear in the map on the screen.

4. You can also view the history of the team by clicking on the team name, and then clicking on the tools functions on the toolbar, show mobile history and then the details will appear on the map and in the recent activities box at the bottom of the screen.

Happy Stalking

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