Beers – Sat 2nd July 2011

Hello Tyne Bridge Harriers!

In only 5 months, we have seen our club grow from around 20 members to our recent signing of our joint 50th members! A massive achievement in only a short space of time, I’m sure you will all agree.

This is fantastic news!… and as much as we have all been brought together by the great sport that is running, at Tyne Bridge Harriers we also don’t shy away from an excuse to have a party and more importantly….. DRINK BEER! (oh – except Lewis and Ryan, & shades… sorry guys!)

Therefore, I propose a night out…..

Saturday July 2nd.

** This is also the next GP Parkrun date** so a fine opportunity to discuss form, times and of course the gale force winds that were on the town moor that morning! (When is it NOT windy up there!?!?)


START PUB: THE CLUNY, LIME STREET. There is a large grassed banked area outside the Cluny that should cope with our numbers – keep your fingers crossed it doesn’t rain!

Hope you can all make it, bring family, wives, husbands friends and potential running club members! All are welcome. Should be a great night and a good opportunity to learn everyone’s name, with our ever growing group – it can be difficult to keep up!

Social Secretary TBH

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