Training Group Guidelines

Below are a set of times to help allocate new runners into a group best suited to their running ability – based upon a recent race result. The times should also act as incentive for existing members, knowing if they achieve a particular time they may be moved into a higher group.

These are only a guide however, and each group coach will have the final decision on whether an athlete is ready to be promoted.


Group 1: For runners who run:-

5K under 17m 30s;

10K under 36m 00s;

Half Marathon under 1h 20m;

Marathon under 2h 50m


Group 2: For runners who run:-

5K between 17m 30s – 20m 00s;

10K between 36m 00s – 41m 00s;

Half Marathon between 1h 20m – 1h 30m;

Marathon between 2h 50m – 3h 15m


Group 3: For runners who run:-

5K between 20m 00s – 23m 00s;

10K between 41m 00s – 48m 00s;

Half Marathon between 1h 30m – 1h 45m;

Marathon between 3h 15m – 3h 45m


Group 4: For runners who run:-

5K between 23m 00s – 28m 00s;

10K between 48m 00s – 58m 30s;

Half Marathon between 1h 45m – 2h 10m;

Marathon between 3h 45m – 4h 30m


Group 5: This group caters for a wide range of abilities ranging from those who have a fairly limited experience of running to more experienced slower runners who would like to improve their running times and distances by following structured club sessions. Training sessions are welcoming, friendly and supportive and enable runners to experience the social benefits of running with a club.

For those with no previous experience of running, there is a beginners’ session on a Wednesday evening which will allow you to try out the sport. This session may also be suitable for those runners who have had a long time out from running (due to injury or other reasons).  These sessions will run most weeks but please check the website, each week, to find out whether the session is on and where it will be taking place.

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    • Janet Robinson on 2nd January 2017 at 16:30
    • Reply

    Hi I attended a couple of sessions back in July and ran with group 5. I went on holiday then was put on a course at work which clashed with the training sessions. I would love to come back and join TBH. Would I be able to come along on Thursday?



    1. Hi Janet, you’re more than welcome to come along on Thursday.
      Runners still meet at East End Pool between 6:10 – 6:25pm, but we ask they wear bright/hi-viz clothing because of the dark nights.
      Hopefully see you on Thursday.

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