Well done to everyone who took part in the first race of the 2019 TBH Juniors 2K Summer Series.

Results from the race can be viewed below.

100:06:40Zac Kettle
200:07:18Harry Snaith
300:07:22Will Simmonds
400:07:24Amelia Short
500:07:34Lucy Walton
600:07:41Ruby Colver
700:07:51Amber Maynard
800:07:53Liam Whitelaw
900:08:07Eve Tovey
1000:08:11Zac Henderson
1100:08:20Charlie Kilgour
1200:08:20Sergi Gandham
1300:08:30George Murphy
1400:08:33Henry Pickett
1500:08:40Jack Whitelaw
1600:08:40Rosa Warren
1700:08:41Florence Snaith
1800:08:53Abigail Noone
1900:09:00Caitlyn Attley
2000:09:02Theo Walton
2100:09:03Elliot Short
2200:09:05Lewis Mitchell
2300:09:10Hannah Hunn
2400:09:10Hannah Cherif
2500:09:13Megan Armstrong
2600:09:14Abi Fraser
2700:09:16Chloe Davenport
2800:09:20Elsa Metcalfe
2900:09:21Nina Hirt
3000:09:22Katie Smeaton
3100:09:24Matthew Mather
3200:09:28Laura Whitmen
3300:09:28Joel Tanser
3400:09:29Poppy Colver
3500:09:34Joey Moysten
3600:09:37Chloe Fraser
3700:09:51Ellie Marshall
3800:10:15James Simmonds
3900:10:16Joe Stainsbury
4000:10:19Jake Parker
4100:10:26Rosa Bell
4200:10:47Sam Schofield
4300:10:48Dylan Alitalat
4400:10:50Jemima Stephenson
4500:10:57Emily Stainsbury
4600:11:15Kora Howorth
4700:11:24Lauren Schofield
4800:11:25Lucy Scott
4900:11:28Ruby Ditchburn
5000:11:54Calleigh McCulloch
5100:12:41Daisy Fenwick
5200:13:42James Murphy


Race 2 is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, 5th June 2019.


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