Updated December 2020

Social media provides the opportunity to interact with other internet users in a communal online space. It can be a useful means of engaging with other club members and with people who are involved with the local athletics community but are not members of the club. If used correctly, it can benefit our club by attracting new members and promoting our club and our activities. However, we ask that members are aware that social media is the public domain – and you may have little or no control over who has access to the information you post on them.

All TBH members are required to carefully review the following rules and bear them in mind when using social media.

Personal Use of Social Media

In using social media for personal purposes – if a member identifies themselves as a member of Tyne Bridge Harriers – we would ask that they:
• Do not post anything that is in breach of the Club’s Code of Conduct.
• Do not post anything relating to Tyne Bridge Harriers that demeans or adversely affects the club.
• Do not post any confidential information. Confidential information includes all information relating to the club’s members, financial information or internal discussions that involve specific individuals.

Member use of Social Media Sites and/or Pages set up by Tyne Bridge Harriers

Club members should be conscious at all times that anything posted on, or uploaded to, the Club page may well be read or seen by non-members of the club and, as such, this reflects and represents the Club. Members should be careful about the content that is uploaded to Facebook and other social media sites and be careful about the tone and language used on these sites. Members should not be rude or offensive or post anything that is in breach of the Club’s Code of Conduct.
We ask that club members try at all times to respect the public reputation of Tyne Bridge Harriers and the privacy and feelings of others when using social media sites.

As a properly constituted club which is affiliated to the National Governing Body of our sport – England Athletics – we have certain duties and responsibilities to protect our club, our members and our sport. To help us comply with these duties, we ask that members do not post or upload any of the following:
• anything that could be considered offensive, abusive, discriminatory or defamatory including messages, cartoons, images and jokes;
• anything that harasses or could be construed as harassing the person receiving it including messages, cartoons, images and jokes;
• any sexually explicit or pornographic material;
• any material which is sexist, racist, homophobic or xenophobic;
• any copyrighted material, including software and printed matter, in violation of copyright laws;
• any material that could be considered a chain letter or email.

Please note the Tyne Bridge Harrier Juniors Facebook page is strictly for coaches, parents and or guardians of the children who attend regularly and are members of Tyne Bridge Harriers juniors. Parents/ guardians of children no longer attending will be removed from the junior Facebook page as will coaches who no longer attend regularly. Juniors won’t be accepted as members of either the main Tyne Bridge Harriers Facebook group or the junior Facebook group.