Birtley Relays – Lord Lawson School 10-3-19

Getting to the course early and setting the tent up seemed a little pointless, as conditions were dry with no wind at all. This later proved to be a very sensible decision, as the weather got progressively worse throughout the morning, with the final U15/U17 race 3rd leg being run in driving wet snow, so well done to our last runners Eve Tovey and John Carr who both had to brave the elements for their teams.

We had 4 teams in the U11 race (1 boys’ and 3 girls’).  The boys came a creditable 16th with Henry Pickett (6:16), Jake Parker (07:08) and Theo Walton (6:38) all experiencing a relay for the first time.  The first girls’ team came a fantastic 9th place with Florence Snaith (6:05), Anna Carr (6:37) and Zara Bungay (6:23).  They were quickly followed by the second team, just 11 seconds behind in 11th place – Rosa Warren (6:07), Alanah Perowne (6:46) and Kora Howarth (6:23).  The third girls’ team had a very competitive run and came home in 26th place with Sophia Clark (7:33), Poppy Colver (6:42) and Jemima Stephenson (8:06).

There were 5 teams in the U13 category (3 girls’ and 2 boys’).  The first boy’s team home had an outstanding run and were just outside the podium in 4th place – Zak Kettle (06:25), Harry Snaith (06:43) and David Carr (06:23).  The second boys’ team had a sterling run and came home in 18th place – Jake Moir (7:11), Laurence Hathaway (8:12) and Luis Nicol (7:47).

The first girls’ U13 team also had an outstanding run and came home in 7th place – Lucy Walton (6:58), Amber Maynard (7:30) and Anna Dorman (6:43). Next home in 18th place were Katie Smeaton (8:41), Ruby Colver (7:32) and Laura Whitman (8:48) having a very solid run as the elements really started to bite.  The third girls’ team came home in 20th place with strong efforts from all girls – Hope Moir (7:50), Nina Hirt (8:58) and Chloe Baptista-Davenport (8:41).

Finally, we had 1 U17 boys team and 1 U15 girls team in the last race of the day.  The boys put in a sterling effort in some very unpleasant conditions and were in the mix for the whole race, eventually coming home in 7th place – Jake Dorman (9:20), Finlay Dorman (10:59) and John Carr (9:58).  The girls had a strong run coming 11th place – Amelia Short (12:31), Abigal Noone (15:13) and Eve Tovey (13:11).


I really appreciated people turning up early, as it helped me greatly in the process of declaring the teams. Also a big thank you to Heather for keeping a “rolling warm-up” going, and Ian Pickett who ensured all runners got off on time, and no one missed an incoming runner.

I was really pleased to field so many teams, in the last XC fixture of the season. We will be moving onto track and road fixtures in the very near future, with plenty more opportunity for people to race in the spring and summer season.

Dave Moir


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