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NEYDL Div 2 N – Whitley Bay 17-7-2021

This was the third and final fixture in the NEYDL for 2021 and all was to play for with Blaydon and the combined TBH/Birtley team being a mere point apart, so either one of us could have come out victorious. Despite very hot conditions, various club records were claimed, and PBs were set on the …

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NEYDL Div 2 N – Whitley Bay 20-6-21

This was our second fixture in the NEYDL, and it was our turn to host it in conjunction with our team-mates from Birtley. Thanks again to Gary Curtis for keeping us right, and Ed Lown for team managing the Birtley side of things. One of the first jobs of the day was to find an …

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NEYDL Div 2 N – Whitley Bay 16-5-21

This was our first ever NEYDL fixture and a big thanks to Emily Laws, Gary Curtis, and the whole Birtley team for making this a smooth introduction to the League for us all. A massive congratulations to the Birtley /TBH team, because after a hard day of athletics, we ended up winning the fixture!! Our …

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Morpeth Open Track Meet – King Edward VI School 18-4-21

A great first track fixture of the year, which was held under Covid restrictions, so athletes were only able to turn up, run, then leave, but that didn’t stop each athlete claiming or beating a club record. Hope Moir, Freddie Palmer and Jake Moir all ran in the 800m races before lunchtime, with some considerable …

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NECAA XC Championships – Thornley Hall Farm – 12-12-20

The early morning drizzle that accompanied us all the way to Peterlee, turned to persistent rain by the time we arrived, and pretty much stayed with us for the day. The procedures in place allowed for a very well run and Covid-safe environment for the athletes, with every race starting on the hour so that …

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Wrekenton XC Time Trial 05/12/20

You might not be able to socialise in the North East at the moment but you can get out in the mud and that’s what our juniors were desperate to do after 4 weeks of lockdown. Well done to all of those who got out, fortunately the weather stayed dry and fun was had by …

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Town Moor XC Time Trial 31/10/20

Halloween, 31st October, Trick or Treat? Well, if you decide to take part in a TBH XC event organised by Dave Moir then there’s certainly no treats! Dave is affectionately know as Mad Dog, and Halloween seems an appropriate occasion to release the junior athletes in to the hands of a mud loving lupine. I …

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Morpeth Track Meeting 18/10/2020

A number of our junior athletes took to the track at Morpeth today to compete in races over 800m and 1 mile. Well done to all the juniors who took part. 800m U15 FemaleSophie Platt – 2:54.37Ruby Colver – 3:01.26 Laura Whitman – 3:16.56 U13 MaleFreddie Palmer- 2:47.02 U20 MaleFraser Bigg – 2:27.39 Mile U15 …

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If you go down to the woods today…

… then you might see the footprints of some of the TBH juniors who took part in a special Cross Country event earlier this morning. Organised by Dave Moir, with particular care and attention to the social distancing guidelines, it provided a fantastic opportunity for the juniors to stretch their legs and challenge themselves to …

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Week 12 – TBH Juniors – 8 * 100m

If Usain Bolt had ventured out in Newcastle this week he would have been relieved that he’s retired and not having to face the future talents of TBH juniors. We saw our younger athletes blitzing their 100m sprints with some impressive times. In a tight contest we saw the Shutdown Striders take a narrow victory …

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Week 11 – TBH Juniors – 2 mile DD Special

After a hugely successful event in week 9, DD was invited back to produce another challenge that would test the juniors’ physical and mental aptitude. He didn’t disappoint. Taking on a 2 mile circuit, the juniors were challenged to cover the distance as quickly as possible whilst keeping an eagle eye on everything they passed. …

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Week 9 – TBH Juniors – Treasure Hunt

They say that orienteering is the thinking person’s running. Well, we certainly saw plenty of thinking and puzzling as the juniors took on the challenge of the TBH Treasure Hunt – specially prepared by David Daniels and Dave Moir (DDDM). I think everyone would agree it was a fantastic challenge that required plenty of athleticism …

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Week 7 – 6 minute Time Trial

We were blessed with another week of glorious sunshine which meant there were a few strategic decisions about when to take on this week’s 6 minute time trial. Again we saw some hugely impressive results with a number of juniors covering more than a mile in their 6 minutes. To add a bit of extra …

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Week 6 – 1 mile key worker fancy dress – team results

The challenge of running dressed as a key-worker was the lesser problem this week with the weather causing havoc for planning opting run times. The baking heat at the beginning of the week changed to blustery winds – neother conducive to running in fancy dress! But the juniors pulled out all of the stops and …

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Week 5 – 15 miles – Team Results

This week saw a new level of pressure for the Team Captains who had to organise which of their runners were suited to shorter, faster legs and which suited longer endurance runs. Numbers were crunched, slide rules were slid (ask your grandparents kids) and tactics were developed. The Striders employed a complex 9 distance strategy …

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Striders reveal their team branding

In a busy couple of weeks the Shutdown Striders have shown that they’re not only accomplished athletes but they have a flair for marketing and branding. Graeme, the Strider’s team boss, talks us through their work. Shutdown Striders chose our team name and logo through a rigorous democratic process. We invited ideas for prospective team …

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Week 4 – 12 minute – Team Results

It was another close competition this week with the added pressure of some particularly warm weather towards the end of the week. The results were checked and verified and The Lockdown Legends made it a hat-trick of wins. Special mention to David Carr who managed to cover the most distance, an impressive 3.05km. This week’s …

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Week 3 – 10 stage – Team Results

This week’s challenge replicated the most prestigious inter-club event of the year, the National 12/6 stage relays. This event has been graced by many of our Olympians and this week it was the chance for the Tyne Bridge Juniors to have a go. 4 athletes were selected to run the the long leg (2.2 miles) …

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