NESDL 20-04-24 Monkton Stadium

This was the first ever fixture of the new North East Senior Development League (NESDL), with many of the North East clubs leaving the Northern League to form this league this year. There have been some changes to the way things are done, with some new ideas to hopefully make things better for those taking part and to encourage further participation.

TBH are one of the few clubs who still compete on our own (rather than as a composite team of 2 clubs joining together) and this made it particularly hard with so many of our regular participants having other commitments on this date.

There were some fantastic individual performances and some great club spirit resulting in everyone mucking in and covering as many events as we possibly could.

With only 11 TBH athletes, we still managed to fill 40 events, and although we were near the bottom of the table, we still gave good account of ourselves.

Div 2 – Google Sheets

We need you!

I have promises of more participation at the next fixture at Shildon on 18th May, but I’d still encourage people to give this a go, as we can enter up to 4 people in each event, so there is plenty of opportunity to take part.

The remaining fixtures are:

Shildon – Saturday 18-5-24
Shildon – Saturday 29-6-24 – we need people to help out including a results person
Churchill (Monkseaton) – Sunday 14-7-24

The link for the spreadsheet is in Matt’s weekly e-mail and please do remember that although only 2 athletes per event count in the results, we can enter up to 4 and the other 2 will still get a time / distance etc that will go onto Power of 10.

These events are very mixed ability and we had people from all training groups take part in Jarrow. We get team points for every person who takes part, and there were many cases of having a second athlete in an event meant maximum points were scored for the B athlete, due to no other clubs having a second athlete.

They are always a great, fun day out, although with the new timetables, the whole thing is done and dusted in 4 hours (starting at 11am). You really feel that you are competing to support the club, and the amount of support and encouragement you get from the other athletes is brilliant.

I’d also like to thank our officials who we also get points for. Sandy and Jessica Anderson are our Level 2 field officials and Gemma Finnie Level 1 who also officiated at this fixture. Officiating / helping out doesn’t stop you competing depending on the timetable. I often officiate as a timekeeper and still fit events in with my colleagues covering my absence.

Any questions, or if you can help out / would like to enter, then please do send me an e-

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