North East Cross Country Championships 2023

Location: Temple Park, South Shields

Date: Saturday, 9th December 2023

TBH results from the NE XC Championships.

Men’s results

Michael Hedley2143:59:00
Tom Charlton2244:12:00
Tim Wilcock3746:02:00
William Bowers5648:25:00
Leodhais MacPherson6748:59:00
Paul Turnbull8149:45:00
Christopher Huitson9750:38:00
David Moir11051:48:00
Arthur Vane11252:01:00
David Daniels13353:50:00
Jonathan Powell13954:14:00
Alasdair Blain14754:30:00
Anthony Tait16756:31:00
Neil Clarkson19259:27:00
Stephen Kettle19801:00:19
Shaun Roberts21301:02:10
Paul Colver23201:06:31
Full results can be found here

Women’s results

Jessica Eaton938:01:00
Hannah Stewart1038:02:00
Kathryn Stevenson1138:07:00
Alison Dargie1538:35:00
Sophie Marr4141:32:00
Heather Dorman6143:05:00
Zoe Thompson6343:20:00
Amy Johnson6643:45:00
Rachel Turnbull8445:47:00
Alison Ennis9947:19:00
Annette Kelly10347:37:00
Nicole Pickles11849:43:00
Georgie Goodwin12950:53:00
Marloes Peeters13251:20:00
Full results can be found here

Tyne Bridge finished 4th in the Senior men’s race and won the Senior women’s competition.

Congratulations to the winning ladies team and thanks to all the members that participated :good:

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