Results Round-up: January 2020

A round-up of results featuring Tyne Bridge Harriers (updated 31st January 2020)

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The Acorn 5K Trail: Sunday 26th January

0:30:11Roger Heath
Full results can be found here

Four Villages Half Marathon (Helsby): Sunday 19th January

01:20:46Richard TailfordPB & MV55 Club Record :thumbsup:
Full results can be found here

As a result of finishing in the Top 4 of his Age Category, Richard has been selected to represent England Masters in the Fleet Half Marathon (March 15th).

Many congratulations Rich :thumbsup:

Carlisle Resolution Race 10K: Sunday 19th January

00:44:51Amy Hume
00:45:36Claire NormanPB :thumbsup:
00:51:27Mara Gilchrist
Full results can be found here

Carlisle Resolution Race 5K: Sunday 19th January

00:27:46Justine Carrion-Weiss
Full results can be found here

(Not the Powder) Monkey Half Marathon: Sunday 12th January

01:12:13Sparrow MorleyPB :thumbsup:
01:15:51Jevan RobertsonPB :thumbsup:
01:17:20Tim KelsoPB :thumbsup:
01:17:29Alex Black
01:18:09Chris WestPB :thumbsup:
01:25:29Ben ReaPB :thumbsup:
01:25:42Jonathan LongriggPB :thumbsup:
01:28:03Steve Attley
01:28:39Sophie Marr
01:29:05Rachel AdamsonPB :thumbsup:
01:29:07Kathryn Stevenson
01:29:52Andy Harrison
01:31:08Colin Rogerson
01:32:17Mairi Clancy
01:33:33Joanne Lee
01:33:53Kevin Sorlie
01:35:31Neil ThompsonPB :thumbsup:
01:35:53Rob Wishart
01:36:31Jon Bateman
01:36:46Rebecca Parkin
01:37:38Lyndsey Thompson
01:37:51Marc MarshallPB :thumbsup:
01:38:28Andrew WraithPB :thumbsup:
01:39:42Emily VaseyPB :thumbsup:
01:41:06Hannah Stewart
01:41:12Clara RiachPB :thumbsup:
01:41:10Adam Scott-Jones
01:50:21Laura CarrickPB :thumbsup:
01:52:31Craig Morland
01:54:44Fiona Gilchrist
01:54:46Glen Logan
02:00:22Helen Bell
02:03:45Justine Carrion-Weiss
02:09:53Matt Pearson
02:09:53Alison Bulman
02:12:08James Prescott
02:17:31Jamie Soul
02:32:46Claire WynarczykPB :thumbsup:
Full results can be found here

Doha Half Marathon: Friday 10th January

02:25:34Ian Walton
02:25:34Margi Eccles
Full results can be found here

Doha 10K: Friday 10th January

00:51:38Dan Eccles
00:57:04Morag Kerry
Full results can be found here

South Shields Monthly Mile: Wednesday 8th January

00:04:44Sparrow MorleySB :good:
00:06:13Rebecca ParkinSB :good:
00:06:47Chris ParkinSB :good:
Full results can be found here

The North Lakes New Year Half Marathon: Sunday 5th January

01:38:28Cat Eaton
01:43:21Chris Sumsion
01:53:45David Curran
02:05:44Louise Gibson
02:09:56Laney Fitzpatrick
Full results can be found here

Stuart Pailor Memorial (Old Monks) MT Race: Sunday 5th January

00:33:58Paul O'Mara5th
00:38:50John Tollitt
01:05:21Vicki Deritis
Full results can be found here

Hamsterley Winter Half: Sunday 5th January

01:52:21Tom Crossley6th
02:53:19Meadhbh Conway
Full results can be found here

Portobello Promathon 4: Wednesday 1st January

00:21:28Steve CairnsPB & 1st MV50 :thumbsup:
Full results can be found here

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