2019 TBH parkrun Challenge

With the final parkrun of 2019 done and dusted, this year’s TBH parkrun Challenge is now officially over.

Well done to the eight members who completed the challenge (see below for a list of completists) and thanks to everyone who took part in the challenge during the year.

Details of the 2020 TBH parkrun Challenge will follow soon.

Completed Challenge Table

David Cornish52.753.6356.825153.2755.4253.8855.8259.8355.5952.4853.37653.81
Gemma Finnie56.9262.9360.8653.6655.8860.261.6265.5863.9362.8959.8457.44721.75
Ian Parker53.6644.7948.9443.9448.6150.1958.546.4965.0953.5167.9145.55627.18
Jake Parker53.7247.7850.5744.0149.8952.4958.646.5857.7156.1951.0245.64614.20
Jamie Wilson62.0462.6866.6462.9362.8365.0962.9264.0470.1963.7866.7855.05764.97
Joanne Wood51.2854.6753.750.4553.3328.9357.7757.6357.1153.8857.4653.57629.78
John Tollitt7371.9875.3970.3370.9971.5474.2472.9474.0675.7669.2769.92874.92
Kevin Sorlie61.3863.2766.1659.9167.1365.3164.964.4969.6467.1368.8856.06774.26

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    • Claire Wynarczyk on 18th January 2019 at 21:30
    • Reply

    Love this

    After each parkrun we do does the result automatically get filled in on here

    1. all depends how bored I am at work, and if I have time.

    • Beate Muller on 26th January 2019 at 16:26
    • Reply

    I’m intrigued by this challenge (though not keen on travelling to those parkruns that are further afield, it has to be said…). Quick query: the website says we need to have volunteered at least once at parkrun in 2019 to be eligible. Does that have to be at one of the 12 ‘competition’ parkruns or can it be at any parkrun, please? Thanks!

  1. Hi Beate, thanks for getting in touch.
    Volunteering at any parkrun event will do.
    And the challenge organisors hope members will be able to car share for the parkrun events ‘outside’ the area.
    Or get up really early to use public transport.

    • Beate Muller on 1st February 2019 at 18:37
    • Reply

    Thanks, David! Will get organized… ?. Though cos.of the ice and snow, tomorrow might look like a non-starter. But there are lots of Saturdays left in 2019! ?

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