NEHL 2019-2020

North Eastern Harrier League (sponsored by Start Fitness)

Wrekenton, Low Fell

Saturday 28th September


Thanks to all the members who took part in the first fixture of the cross country season.

Strong packing in both senior events meant the ladies finished 3rd and the men 4th in their respective divisions.


Ladies Results.

PosNameRace TimeActual Time
13Alison Dargie27:52:0024:52:00
23Hannah Stewart28:20:0028:20:00
55Emma Peters29:33:0029:33:00
56Sarah Wharton29:36:0029:36:00
59Marloes Peeters29:39:0029:39:00
74Emily Vasey29:55:0029:55:00
79Claire Norman30:02:0030:02:00
86Lyndsey Thompson30:12:0030:12:00
94Kathryn Stevenson30:22:0027:22:00
95Megan Parkin30:23:0030:23:00
109Rachel Gill30:41:0030:41:00
111Mairi Clancy30:43:0027:43:00
112Charlotte Carpenter30:44:0030:44:00
120Rebecca Parkin30:54:0029:39:00
134Sophie Marr31:04:0028:04:00
138Lysanne Jurriansen31:09:0029:54:00
226Lucy Dunbar32:57:0032:57:00
233Laura Carrick33:04:0033:04:00
294Georgia Wilding34:03:0034:03:00
320Justine Carrion - Weiss34:44:0034:44:00
341Min Na Eii35:13:0035:13:00
372Kerry Reed36:04:0036:04:00
387Emma Moir36:42:0036:42:00
425Lisa Walker38:29:0038:29:00
486Claire Wynarczyk48:37:0048:37:00

Full results can be found here.


Men’s Results.

PosNameRace TimeActual Time
2Ryan Holt32:28:0032:28:00
27Keith Smith36:34:0036:34:00
29Christopher Meek36:42:0036:42:00
38Terry Scott37:02:0032:02:00
72Marc Fenwick38:11:0033:11:00
78Tom Crossley38:19:0038:19:00
85Tim Kelso38:27:0035:57:00
125Adrian Hall39:17:0039:17:00
143Alistair Maxwell39:40:0037:10:00
152Sparrow JR Morley39:49:0039:49:00
160Tony Carter39:55:0039:55:00
167Alex Black40:02:0035:02:00
171William Alister Houghton40:05:0040:05:00
224Paul O'Mara40:55:0035:55:00
228David Moir40:58:0035:58:00
271Chris Stockdale41:45:0036:45:00
286Alasdair Blain42:05:0039:35:00
342Graeme Carr43:10:0043:10:00
470Neal Richardson46:28:0046:28:00
484Arthur Vane46:49:0046:49:00
540Paul Colver48:33:0048:33:00
587Michael Nemeth50:39:0050:39:00
598David Cornish51:15:0051:15:00
602Simon Kirkley51:29:0051:29:00

Full results can be found here.


The next fixture is at Druridge Bay, on Sunday 6th October 2019.




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