2019 English National Cross Country Championships

Harewood House, Leeds

Saturday, 23rd February 2019

You can tell we live in strange times when sun-screen is offered around the club tent in the middle of February.

With the temperature in the mid-teens and Harewood House bathed in glorious sunshine, I could get used to cross-country in summer conditions. It certainly beats almost freezing to death on a wind-swept North-East farmers field.

Well done to everyone who represented the club in this year’s finals.

The Senior Men finished in a creditable 21st position and the Senior Women finished 43rd in their competition.

It was also heartening to see several members of the club’s junior section compete in this prestigious event.

Members Results.

00:40:30Finn Affleck-Brodie129
00:40:38Marc Fenwick142
00:42:45Michael Hedley301
00:43:42Alex Black387
00:43:50Jevan Robertson408
00:45:29Paul Turnbull549
00:46:17David Moir639
00:47:05David Wright729
00:49:53David Daniels1031
00:50:36John Hurse1105
00:51:22Alasdair Blain1180
00:53:09John Tollitt1345
00:53:54Matt Walker1411
00:55:43Nicholas Pearson1545
Full results can be found here
Senior Men
Senior Ladies
00:35:33Sophie Marr217
00:36:59Mairi Clancy299
00:39:12Charlotte Carpenter430
00:39:58Rebecca Parkin481
00:40:03Rachel Gill485
00:44:47Annette Kelly748
00:52:57Min Na Eii962
Full results can be found here

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