TBH Advent Calendar: The Great Reveal

Season’s Greetings.

Many thanks to everyone who took part in this year’s TBH Advent Calendar challenge.

Judging by the answers that came in – and the number of incorrect guesses at some of the old photographs – it’s safe to presume it’s been a tad difficult. In fact, the winner of the challenge only managed to correctly identify 17 of the 24 photographs.

How many did you get right?

Day 1 – Lyndsey Thompson

Day 2 – Matt Walker

Day 3 – Margi Eccles

Day 4 – Michael Nemeth

Day 5 – Phil Scott

Day 6 – Heather Dorman

Day 7 – Ian Pickett

Day 8 – Louise Kelly

Day 9 – Simon Kristiansen

Day 10 – DD

Day 11 – Victoria Douglass

Day 12 – Alasdair Blain

Day 13 – Becky Parkin

Day 14 – Adam Jones

Day 15 – Stuart Dickson

Day 16 – Morag Kerry

Day 17 – Ron Murray

Day 18 – Adrian Hall

Day 19 – Joanne Wood

Day 20 – Micky Baker

Day 21 – David Appleby

Day 22 – Cees Van Der Land

Day 23 – Vicki Deritis

Day 24 – Simon Kristiansen

Again, many many thanks to all the leaders who submitted photographs for this feature. I’ve been inundated with so many positive comments about the calendar, and it’s all because of you guys :thumbsup:


Before naming the winner, a special mention to Michael Nemeth who was the first member to send in their answers (roughly 30 minutes after the final photograph went on-line) :good:


But the winning entry, correctly identifying 17 of the photographs, came from the team of John Tollitt & Vicki Deritis

Congratulations guys :thumbsup:

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    • kevin cheetham on 27th December 2018 at 09:02
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    Brilliant DD ,I would have put me house on Matt being Davy Wright

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