TBH Juniors: 2K Time Trial

TBH Juniors 2K Time Trial: Race 1

Newcastle Town Moor

Wednesday 18th April 2018


The TBH Juniors held their first 2K Time Trial on Wednesday, with a staggering 43 members taking part.

The regular event, which will take place on the first Wednesday of the month, was held on a perfect spring evening, and the ideal running conditions made for some exceptional performances.

The first event was a straight race (everyone starting at the same time) but race 2, on Wednesday 2nd May, will be handicapped, with competitors setting off at staggered start times depending on their finish time from race 1.

Race 1 results

Anna Dorman07:06
Imogen Bungay07:15
Amelia Short07:21
Charlie Blench07:42
Hannah Mears07:47
Joe Eggett08:06
Lewis Nichol08:07
William Adams08:11
Eve Tovey08:26
Amber Maynard08:38
Lauren Bellamy08:42
Ruby Colver08:45
Hannah Cowan08:51
Scott Callard09:00
Elliot Short09:01
Jessica Walton09:08
Sydney Bungay09:12
Florence Snaith09:13
Katherine Bird09:20
Henry Pickett09:32
Natasha Prescott09:42
Alanah Perowne09:50
Abigail Moone09:57
Poppy Colver09:58
Zoe Perowne10:02
Jake Moir10:28
Jake Parker10:37
Laura Whitman10:38
Sophie Adams10:39
Zara Bungay10:46
Caitlin Attley10:55
Joe Stainsby11:02
Jamie McGorhan11:05
Isaac Pickett11:05
Emily Stainsby11:11
Jessica Bellamy11:12
Kora Howorth11:32
Lewis Mitchell11:45
Anna Makin12:08
Jemima Stephenson12:50
Emily Eggett12:51
Joey Mostyn12:54
Daniel Ballantyne13:32
Jake Brown1 lap






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