Tyne Bridge Harriers: Life Membership


The club’s Constitution states ‘The Management Committee may confer Life Membership upon any member who, in the view of the Committee, has made an exceptional contribution to Tyne Bridge Harriers’.


In recognition and appreciation of their exceptional and ongoing contribution to our club, as well their endeavours, over many years, in the wider athletics community, the Committee are pleased to confer Life Membership of Tyne Bridge Harriers to David Anderson and Michael Baker

Micky & Davy

Both have been an integral part of the club since it’s inception in 2011 and their efforts and enthusiasm have, in no small part, led to our club becoming one of the biggest and most successful clubs in the region.

Many thanks on behalf the Committee and the club.


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  1. Congratulations Davy & Micky.

    Not only fantastic ambassadors for the club but two great blokes too.

      • Double D on 13th March 2018 at 13:28
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      also pretty good at synchronised ‘walking with hand in pocket’!

    • cat on 13th March 2018 at 13:11
    • Reply

    Congratulations Coach Davy and Micky Baker!

    • Claire Wynarczyk on 13th March 2018 at 13:27
    • Reply


    • Steve Hall on 13th March 2018 at 14:46
    • Reply

    Congratulations guys well deserved

    • Derekvardy on 13th March 2018 at 16:55
    • Reply

    Congratulations boys well deserved

    • Dave Collinson on 13th March 2018 at 17:30
    • Reply

    Congratulations lads!! Well deserved

    • Dave on 14th March 2018 at 19:01
    • Reply

    Well deserved – top blokes and fashion icons…

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