2018 Royal Signals Relays

NECAA Road Relay Championships

Hetton Lyons Country Park

Saturday, 17th February 2018

Big thanks to everyone who turned out for the Royal Signals relays.

One of the many joys of being a member of a running club is attending events such as this, and it was terrific seeing so many members representing TBH in this prestigious competition, several of whom were making their race debut for the club. Hopefully the turn-out for the next event will be even greater.

The club came away from the event with two sets of Silver medals; with the Senior Men’s team (Michael Hedley, Carl Smith, Tom Charlton, James Dunce, Lee Gifford and Sparrow Morley) and the Veteran Men +50 team (Keith Smith, K Mac, David Appleby and Steve Cairns) both finishing 2nd in their respective races.

Congratulations guys :thumbsup:

Senior Men’s Team


Women & Veteran Men +50 Race

teamleg 1timeleg 2timeleg 3timeleg 4timetotal timeposition
TBH MV50keith smith00:12:45k mac00:12:35david appleby00:13:52steve cairns00:12:0200:51:142nd
TBH A WVjoanne lee00:14:35lucy matheson00:14:40isobel knox00:15:33kathryn stevenson00:14:2300:59:117th
TBH B WVkerry reed00:16:42jo wood00:17:40rachel attley00:17:39catherine eaton00:15:4901:07:5016th
TBH A WSlucy turzynski00:14:27lysanne jurriansen00:15:22natalija stepurko00:15:51mairi clancy00:14:4501:00:259th
TBH B WSleigh tang00:17:05ellie charles00:15:45sarah pickett00:18:04nicola brady00:15:3101:06:2522nd
TBH C WSvictoria douglass00:18:29keelie garrad00:18:04deborah amis00:17:15laura carrick00:18:0701:11:5535th
TBH D WSlindsay letts00:19:22hilary rose00:19:41stephanie knox00:18:47emma colbourne00:17:5001:15:4040th
TBH E WStove elander00:19:14louise kelly00:23:36nicola thornborough00:19:06stephanie isaac00:17:5601:19:5243rd

Senior & Veteran Men Race

teamleg 1timeleg 2timeleg 3timeleg 4timeleg 5timeleg 6timetotal timeposition
TBH Amichael hedley00:11:24carl smith00:11:14tom charlton00:11:11lee gifford00:11:53james dunce00:11:15sparrow morley00:11:3401:08:312nd
TBH Bleodhais macpherson00:12:11Davy Wright00:12:27ryan holt00:12:12alasdair blain00:12:42jake dorman00:12:16paul turnbull00:12:1001:13:5812th
TBH Cmark toward00:12:15john hurse00:12:18matt walker00:12:50andrew dougal00:12:59adrian hall00:13:31dave hartis00:13:1301:17:0623rd
TBH Dandy chiu00:13:57john gartland00:13:32john tollitt00:14:16iain dalby00:14:42ian jackman00:13:34james knox00:14:1501:24:1648th
TBH Eneil thompson00:14:55craig macdougall00:16:32graham king00:15:20ronnie clancy00:18:24paul harris00:16:49garry douglass00:14:5401:36:5473rd

(note: some individual times may be incorrect and will be amended asap)

Full results can be found here

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