2017 TBH Summer Grand Prix

Firstly, this evening’s race, and congratulations to EMMA MOIR, who stormed to victory in a time of 18.27, over a minute quicker than 2nd placed finisher JOHNNY LONGRIGG (19.32). Completing the Top 3 finishers was DAVE HARTIS, who crossed the line in 19.41


Fastest run of the evening was set by TONY CARTER, who went around the two mile course in 20.17 (11.02 without his handicap time).  And BECKY PARKIN set the quickest female time, finishing in 20.59 (13.29 adjusted for handicap).


A set of provisional results can be found further down the page.


And now to announce the overall winner of this year’s Summer Grand Prix Series


The winner is…(drum roll…..) CRAIG MACDOUGALL :thumbsup:


Three Top 10 finishes, along with a 18th place in race 4, enabled Craig to finish top of the table and claim a well deserved victory.

Congratulations Craig. 



A full points table can be found at the bottom of the page.


Thanks to everyone who has supported the Summer Grand Prix Series throughout the summer, either by competing or volunteering at an event. Club races/events couldn’t happen without your support.

They think it’s all over! It is now!


Race 5: Provisional results

PosFirst NameSurnameRace TimeReal Time


2017 Summer Grand Prix: Final Points Table

NameRace 1Race 2Race 3Race 4Race 5Total
Craig Macdougall*100149140133142664
Alex Antonopoulos*100128134146146654
Neil Thompson*100122138142128630
Adrian Hall*100100136135139610
Chris Parkin*100136100137135608
Jonathan Longrigg*100115100127149591
Simon Kirkley*100129100136124589
Colin Dilks*100119100132136587
Jamie Wilson*100118116100147581
Ashleigh Soward*100100132148100580
Iain Dalby*100114128100129571
David Daniels*100100100100100500
Orlaigh Gill*100141134100475
Adam Jones*146118100100464
Stuart Dickson*100130130100460
Rachel Gill*100125129100454
Matthew Pearson*100100131100431
Keith Graham*100123100100423
John Tollitt*100100122100422
Claire Wynarczyk*100100100100400
Jonny Johnson*100100100100400
Kay Black*100100100100400
Paul Hilton*100100100100400
Steve Attley*100100100100400
Vicki Deritis*100100100100400
Pierre McCarthy*100126140366
Helen Pye*112100145357
Rosanne McTernan100137120357
Heather Dorman*117128100345
Russell Dickinson-Deane*100100143343
Jason Clark100111131342
George Stainsby*100100141341
Rachael Spanner*100135100335
Rachel Attley*135100100335
Matt Davison*100100130330
Margaret Finn100100125325
Stephanie Isaac*100124100324
Jill Anderson*100100119319
Alex Lockwood*100100100300
David Moir*100100100300
Gillian Smith*100100100300
Jake Dorman*100100100300
Laney Fitzpatrick*100100100300
Louise Lennox*100100100300
Dave Hartis144148292
Annette Kelly148139287
Alexander Anderson145134279
David Cornish145132277
Graham King143131274
Stephen Drummond140127267
Ian Parker*150100250
Darran James*149100249
Steven Allen*147100247
Helene Tyrell*146100246
Jessica Anderson*100140240
Tom Fraser100138238
Kevin Sorlie*100137237
Lysanne Jurriansen*100137237
Hannah Waters100134234
Paul O'Mara*131100231
Tony Carter*100130230
John Hurse*126100226
Michelle Moat*100125225
Alistair Spanner*100124224
Rebecca Parkin100122222
Matt Smith100121221
Christopher Meek100115215
Sue Regan100113213
Alison Bulman100110210
David Rowe*100100200
Finlay Dorman*100100200
Gill Parkin*100100200
Harry Ransome*100100200
Ian Pickett*100100200
Ian Walton*100100200
Jonathan Foster*100100200
Karen Walker*100100200
Laurens Damminga*100100200
Maria Prendergast*100100200
Neil Banks*100100200
Rachael Estrop*100100200
Rob Kirtley*100100200
Sandy Anderson*100100200
Sara James*100100200
Sue Mullinger*100100200
Tom Crossley*100100200
Tom Cullen*100100200
Tove Elander*100100200
Trudie Cheetham*100100200
Damien McKeon150150
Emma Moir150150
Nicola Thornborough150150
Nicholas Walton149149
Philip Scott148148
David Weddell147147
Gabby Smith147147
Maxine Bateman145145
Nicola Brady144144
Owen Warpole144144
Peter Milne144144
Catherine Williams143143
Chris Browell143143
Alan Alexander142142
Ros Steven142142
Gemma Wallet141141
James Dunce141141
Andrew Eaton139139
Carl Smith139139
Jon Moss138138
Louis Goffe138138
Anna Humphreys133133
Elaine O'Mara133133
Lyndsey Thompson133133
Paul Turnbull132132
Yvonne Storey129129
Laura Steven127127
Maria Sanchez127127
Kier Pickard126126
Alice Holliday123123
Paul Harris123123
David Dickson121121
Nicola Burnip120120
Nick Bradshaw-Hughes117117
Juan Carlos Diaz116116
Sparrow Morley114114
Charlie Townsend109109
Ian Ward108108
Aimee Cook*100100
Alan Macaulay100100
Alasdair Blain*100100
Alex Bradbury100100
Alison Dargie*100100
Amanda Tunmore100100
Ben van Oeveren100100
Dan Eccles*100100
Dave Anderson*100100
David Appleby100100
David Kennedy100100
Deborah Morrison*100100
Edwin Wong*100100
Emily Johnston*100100
Emma Colbourne*100100
Gavin Lennox100100
Gemma Lynch*100100
Helen Blades*100100
Hilary Rose100100
Holly Sinkinson100100
James Knox100100
James Prescott*100100
Jamie Lee*100100
Janet Robinson*100100
Jen Ferguson100100
Jen Patterson*100100
Jimmy Mcathey100100
Joanne Evans*100100
Joanne Wood100100
John Gartland*100100
June Hindmarch100100
Kat McKay*100100
Kate Mukungu*100100
Kathryn Powell*100100
Kathyrn Stevenson*100100
Katie Carnie*100100
Katie Gallagher*100100
Keelie Garrad100100
Kev Hickey*100100
Kirk Connor*100100
Kirsty Lees*100100
Laura Carrick*100100
Lindsay Donnelley*100100
Louise Gibson*100100
Louise Kelly*100100
Louise Rankin100100
Lucy Matheson*100100
Mandy Tunmore*100100
Margaret Heyward100100
Margi Eccles*100100
Mark Grant100100
Mark Toward100100
Matt Walker*100100
Megan Parkin100100
Mike Norbury100100
Natalie Lillico*100100
Nick Varley100100
Olivia Clark*100100
Rachel Adamson*100100
Rachel Perowne*100100
Rob Savage*100100
Rory Tait*100100
Simon Pryde*100100
Stephanie Knox100100
Suznanne Dunn*100100
Thomas Price*100100
Tim Kelso*100100
Victoria Harrison*100100

(* volunteered during the series)

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