2016 Great North running events

Well done to everyone who represented Tyne Bridge Harriers over the weekend of 10 & 11 September.


Get in touch if your name is missing from the results or if you ran a Personal Best / Season Best / Club Record and would like it shown.


Great North 5K: Saturday 10 September 2016

19:27Jacqueline Etherington3rd Lady & PB :thumbsup:
19:42Andy Harrison
21:21Steve PattisonSB (season best) :good:
27:27Rachel AttleyPB :good:
28:55Helen Ashburner
Full results can be found here


Great North Run: Sunday 11 September 2016

1:15:42Tom Charlton82nd position
1:16:04Cees van der Land84th & PB :good:
1:16:33David Green92nd
1:17:07Alex Black103rd & PB :good:
1:18:11Tim Kelso123rd & PB :good:
1:18:26Justin Janusewski126th & PB :good:
1:20:05Ian Pickett
1:20:18Dave MoirSB :good:
1:20:28Paul TurnbullPB :good:
1:22:13Alasdair Blain
1:22:25Matty Tomlinson
1:22:34Charlie TownsendPB :good:
1:23:11Douglas Tickner
1:23:25Nick Joyce
1:24:04David Wright
1:24:32John Hurse
1:25:42Paul Hilton
1:26:51Chris Graham
1:27:17Magda Grinsdale
1:27:39David AntillPB :good:
1:27:56Nick Howell
1:28:15Rob Wishart
1:28:21Ian Jackman
1:28:57DDSB :good:
1:30:26John Tollitt
1:31:59Hugh PotterPB :good:
1:33:18Luke Bryant
1:34:36Sandy Kerr
1:34:54Lee AllenPB :good:
1:35:08Rachel AdamsonPB :good:
1:35:22David Young
1:36:21Lucy Matheson
1:36:57Alex Lockwood
1:36:58Becky Parkin
1:37:40Michael McGrath
1:37:43Catherine Eaton
1:38:30Adrian Hall
1:39:04Rachael ClewlowPB :good:
1:39:05Danielle Hardy
1:39:08Craig Davison
1:39:20Paul GibsonPB :good:
1:39:27David Rowe
1:39:37Andrew Sears
1:39:53Laura Irving
1:40:21Phil Scott
1:41:46Michelle Moat
1:42:02Mark Bousfield
1:42:16Lyndsey Thompson
1:42:29Steve Attley
1:43:08David Curran
1:45:02Simon Kirkley
1:45:48Louise Lennox
1:46:27Steve Shotton
1:46:50Karen WalkerPB :good: & FV50 Club Record :good:
1:47:17Hannah Kirkham
1:47:35Adam Jones
1:47:37Felicity WatsonPB :good:
1:47:58Yamuna Thiru
1:48:48Kathryn Stevenson
1:49:03Rachel Case
1:49:28Rachel Estrop
1:49:44Ellie Charles
1:50:43Alex Antonopoulos
1:52:41Megan Parkin
1:54:14Chris Parkin
1:54:27Kerry Reed
1:54:54Gillian ParkinPB :good:
1:55:05Stuart Dickson
1:55:07Angela McBrien
1:55:30Ian Walton
1:55:30Nicola Brady
1:55:30Shaun Cowan
1:55:31Danny Fletcher
1:55:36Derek Vardy
1:55:38Charlotte Carpenter
1:56:14Yvonne Storey
1:56:43Eleanor DowdingPB :good:
1:57:07Andrew Crawford
1:57:11Anna Fawcett
1:57:11Georgia Wilding
1:58:07Elspeth Lawson
1:58:19Adrienne Bishop
1:58:32Alex Battersby
1:59:52Steffen Haugk
2:00:26Harry Ransome
2:01:14Tracey CockburnPB :good:
2:01:45Michael McKenna
2:02:20Asari RashidFarewell Bam and all the best in the future :bye:
2:04:30Lauren GardnerPB :good:
2:05:20Rosanne McTernan
2:05:36Helen Hargrave
2:05:36Paul Black
2:05:48Sarah Rushbrooke
2:07:26Chris Bartlett
2:08:07Parul Akter
2:08:39Julie Dougal
2:08:56Andrew Webber
2:11:18Joanne Wood
2:11:44Alison Bulman
2:13:14Stephanie Isaac
2:15:46Cheryl Charlton15 minutes course PB :good:
2:16:29Jill AndersonCourse PB :good:
2:16:52Yvonne Huebner
2:17:02Imogen Barr
2:17:02Michael Nemeth
2:17:02Michelle Nemeth
2:17:07Louise Gibson
2:18:17Faye Slade
2:19:29Helen AshburnerCourse PB :good:
2:19:53Neil Banks
2:20:51Steve Pattison
2:20:51Mary Pattison
2:21:08Louise Kelly
2:22:51Vicky Forster
2:22:52Jayne Russell
2:22:53Kirsty Lees
2:23:22Richard Tailford
2:23:31Scott Wilkinson
2:24:06Roger Heath
2:26:47Janet PollingtonPB :good:
2:26:47Natasha Baldwin
2:31:59Victoria HarrisonPB :good:
2:32:56Ian Windsor
2:33:57Margaret Hagood
2:36:13Debbie Wardle
2:36:35Laura Carrick
2:39:56Kathryn Lumley
2:44:30Andrea Hayden
2:47:22Lysanne Jurriansen
2:49:45Deborah Airey
2:53:54Fiona McKenna
3:24:54Claire WynarczykPB :good:
Full results can be found here



(PB’s according to Power of 10 website)

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    • Kay Black on 12th September 2016 at 13:48
    • Reply

    I’m not yet a signed up member (so can’t be counted on the stats so just sending this for info) I am going to join which was my intention after doing GNR. I’ve run with TBH beginners since 4th May and was prev a non runner) Started walk running in March 2016 to get to a mile in order that I could go to Beginners – ( best friend of Lysanne Jurriansen)
    Ran GNR (race number 53884 with Lysanne yesterday and a time of 2:47:21

    • Cees on 12th September 2016 at 17:15
    • Reply

    Based on the post race smiles (and double checked on RB) the following also P(S)B-ed (incomplete list):
    Alex Black PB
    Tim Kelso PB
    Dave Moir SB
    Paul – I dont do halfs – Turnbull PB
    Charlie Townsend PB
    And myself ;-)

    • Helen Ashburner on 12th September 2016 at 18:18
    • Reply

    Hi, I did the GNR in 2.19.29

    • Helen Ashburner on 12th September 2016 at 18:21
    • Reply

    Oh and GN5K in 28.55

    • cheryl charlton on 13th September 2016 at 19:00
    • Reply

    I got a 15 minute course pb :)

    • Claire Wynarczyk on 14th September 2016 at 17:19
    • Reply


    Suspected i would be the last harrier home

    But pleased with my pb all the same

    • G wild on 15th September 2016 at 10:22
    • Reply

    Hiya did the GNR in 1:57:11, Georgia Wilding

    • Helen Ashburner on 15th September 2016 at 21:11
    • Reply

    My time is a 23 course PB

    • Helen ashburner on 17th September 2016 at 09:37
    • Reply

    Hi, not a PB just a course PB Helen

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