Results round-up: April 2016

A round-up of recent race results featuring Tyne Bridge Harriers. [updated 1 May 2016]


Run Northumberland Half-Marathon (Ponteland): Sunday 3 April 2016

1:29:08 Lee Cuthbertson

1:32:41 Philip Scott

1:33:01 Andy Mellon 1st MV55

1:34:36 Nick Varley

1:39:38 Aimee Cook

1:43:13 Shaun Cowan

1:46:22 Georgia Wilding

1:50:53 James Knox

2:05:15 Laura Carrick

2:09:20 Stephanie McFarlane (or is that now Knox ?)

2:13:59 Louise Kelly PB

Congratulations to James & Stephanie, running their first race together as a married couple :thumbsup:

Full results can be found here.



Hartlepool Marina: Sunday 3 April 2016

28:39 Alasdair Blain PB

29:50 Jonathan Longrigg PB

30:19 Paul Routledge PB & MV55 Club Record

32:01 Adam Wood PB

34:17 David Young

35:11 Michael Baker PB

35:28 Lyndsey Thompson PB

Full results can be found here.

Thanks to Becky Parkin for the photos.



Blyth Valley 10K : Sunday 3 April 2016

34:33 Tony Carter

35:25 David Wright 2nd MV40

35:32 Ian Pickett

35:45 Keith Smith 1st MV50

36:12 Tim Kelson

36:40 Luke Bryant

36:59 David Anderson

37:16 Charlie Townsend

39:37 Richard Tailford

42:21 Steven Bond

43:52 Laura Irving

44:!3 Steve Pattison

44:43 Kathryn Stevenson

45:45 Charlotte Carpenter

48:12 Tyrone Murphy

49:15 Annette Kelly

49:23 Kevin Cheetham

56:58 Rachel Jones

59:51 Ian Windsor

62:29 Roger Heath

63:37 Alison Harris

Full results can be found here.



Yorkshire Half Marathon: Sunday 10 April 2016

1:46:30 Chris Cooley

1:46:30 Katie Jackson

Full results can be found here.



Sand Dancer 10K: Sunday 10 April 2016

40:35 Sophie Marr

41:33 John Tollitt

42:46 Louise Lennox 2nd NEMAA FV40 :good:

43:04 Adam Wood

43:08 Heather Dorman

43:14 David Young

45:30 Paul Feeley

47:51 Sarah Chadwick

48:06 Kerry Smith

50:24 Rosanne McTernan

51:40 Emma Giles

54:32 Zsofia Nemeth

56:39 Cheryl Charlton PB :thumbsup:

59:06 Jessica Anderson

59:10 Ian Windsor

59:51 Sara James

62:00 Sheetal Sharma

63:15 Margaret Eccles

63:16 Kelly Phillipson

64:13 Vicki Deritis

65:18 Elaine O’Mara

66:52 Debbie Wardle

74:24 Evelyn Maholam

Sophie, Louise and Heather won the Ladies team prize :thumbsup:

Full results can be found here.

Thanks to Rob Savage and Joanne Wood for the photos.



Cheshire 10K: Sunday 10 April 2016

45:06 Jonathan Johnson

Full results can be found here.

Jonathan after the 10K

Jonathan after the 10K



Manchester Marathon: Sunday 10 April 2016

2:59:03 Alison Dargie 8th Lady overall

3:05:13 Russell Deane (running for Northern Frontrunners)

3:51:32 David Rowe

3:58:40 Shaun Cowan

4:13:37 Adrian Brooks

4:17:32 Ian Walton

4:36:59 Kirsten Loy

4:47:26 Lisa McConnell

4:47:27 Julie Dougal

4:47:27 Lynda Rochester

Full results can be found here.



Brighton Marathon: Sunday 17 April 2016

3:49:50 Christopher Bartlett

5:41:49 Kirk Connor

Full results can be found here.



Pardubice Half Marathon (Czech Republic): Saturday 16 April 2016

1:48:21 Steve Pattison

2:05:13 Mary Pattison FV60 Club Record


Boston Marathon: Monday 18 April 2016

3:45:36 Andy Mellon

Full results can be found here.



Run Durham Hamsterley 10K: Saturday 23 April 2016

52:48 Stephanie Isaac PB :yahoo:

Full results can be found here.



Blackpool Half Marathon: Sunday 24 April 2016

1:25:38 Paul Waller

1:43:38 Nicola Brady

Full results can be found here.



London Marathon: Sunday 24 April 2016

5:00:32 Neil Banks

2:51:51 Alex Black

4:05:22 Adrian Brooks

4:48:57 Emma Brooks

3:20:20 Kenny Chambers MV55 Club Record

3:35:58 Aimee Cook

4:14:47 Lee Cuthbertson

3:07:00 Mark Hall

2:58:21 Justin Januszewski

5:02:55 Louise Kelly

2:43:13 Tim Kelso

3:46:09 Bam Rashid

3:42:17 Kerry Reed

4:09:30 Karen Richardson FV50 Club Record

3:31:06 Philip Scott

2:35:57 Terry Scott MV40 Club Record

3:55:25 Yvonne Storey

3:37:04 Chris Sumsion

5:15:35 Lindsay Walsh

3:03:46 Rob Wishart

Full results can be found here.



Terry O’Gara 5K: Sunday 24 April 2016

16:21 David Johnson

17:13 Keith Smith

17:16 Paul O’Mara

18:35 Nick Howell 5K PB :yahoo:

18:42 Paul Routledge

19:37 Edwin Wong

19:55 Adam Wood

20:00 Magda Grinsdale

20:18 Lucy Matheson 1st FV35 :good:

20:23 Louise Lennox

20:31 Craig Davison

20:51 Stuart Dickson

21:01 Lyndsey Thompson PB :yahoo:

21:55 Tyrone Murphy

21:57 Steve Attley

22:20 Simon Kirkley PB :yahoo:

25:56 Rob Savage

26:38 Cheryl Charlton PB :yahoo:

26:48 Louise Gibson

27:04 Jenny Headland

27:59 Ian Windsor

Full results can be found here.



Nice 10K (France): Sunday 24 April 2016

32:34 Marc Fenwick (4th overall)

36:57 Alasdair Blain

43:47 Arnaud Albertini

45:05 Rebecca Parkin

Full results can be found here.

(l-r) Arnaud, Joy, Marc, Rebecca & Alasdair

(l-r) Arnaud, Joy, Marc, Rebecca & Alasdair

North Eastern Counties Athletics Association 10,000m Track Championships

Wednesday 27th April 2016 at Monkton Stadium (Jarrow)

Men’s Race

32:54 Finn Brodie Silver medalist :good:

39:38 Paul Routledge

Women’s Race

45:09 Charlotte Carpenter

Full results can be found here



Coast Road 5K (Redcar): Wednesday 27 April 2016

15:34 Marc Fenwick

16:13 David Johnson PB :yahoo:

17:12 Kenny Mac

17:57 Alastair Spanner SB :good:

19:07 Sophie Marr

21:26 Natalie Bennett SB :good:

Full results can be found here


3 Peaks Race Yorkshire (37.4K long, 1608m ascent): Saturday 30 April 2016

3:57:02Charles Hazlerigg
4:51:12John TollittRunning for NFR
Full results can be found here.


Please get in touch if you’ve raced recently and would like your name/result listed.

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    • Paul Routledge on 3rd April 2016 at 23:38

    Hi David,
    Sorry to be a pain but my chip time was 30:19.

    • Louise Kelly on 4th April 2016 at 15:51

    Hey David, the Northumberland half results are out now to add to the round up.

    • Andy Mellon on 6th April 2016 at 20:36

    Paul Routledge tells me we both broke mv55 club records on Sunday. 5 mile for him and half marathon for me. Never held a record before. Must tell my mum.

    • cheryl charlton on 17th April 2016 at 10:48

    Hiya my race at sandancer was a pb?

    • cheryl charlton on 24th April 2016 at 17:45

    I got a 5k race pb also

    • cheryl charlton on 24th April 2016 at 17:46

    I got another pb today?

    • Lyndsey Thompson on 24th April 2016 at 21:27

    I ran TOG5k today in a time of 21:01 (pb) for some reason they still had me down as running for Wallsend hence why I’m not listed on TB results

    • Steph Isaac on 25th April 2016 at 08:38

    My run at Hamsterley was a pb, thanks!

    • Nick Howell on 25th April 2016 at 21:01

    5k pb for me at the ToG :-)

    • Steve Pattison on 27th April 2016 at 11:00

    Mary’s half marathon at Pardubice was a club FV60 record.

    • Louise Kelly on 8th May 2016 at 17:44

    Bit late in the day but my time for the Northumberland half was a PB as well.

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