2016 Summer GP: Race 1 results

Provisional results found this evening’s race can be viewed below.


PosRunnerRace Time
1Sparrow Morley00:10:52
2Ian Pickett00:10:59
3Justin Januszewski00:11:10
4Christopher Meek00:11:15
5David Moir00:11:35
6David Anderson00:11:50
7Nick Joyce00:11:56
8Jake Dorman00:11:59
9Nicholas Howell00:12:07
10David Appleby00:12:10
11Matt Davison00:12:15
12Paul Routledge00:12:26
13Adrian Hall00:12:34
14Phil Todd00:12:37
15Michael Bell00:12:47
16Iain Dalby00:13:04
17Lee Allen00:13:08
18Louise Lennox00:13:09
19Nicholas Pearson00:13:16
20Finlay Dorman00:13:17
21David Rowe00:13:18
22David Speed00:13:28
23Michelle Moat00:13:32
24John Pickering00:13:38
25Megan Parkin00:13:42
26Rebecca Parkin00:13:48
27Heather Dorman00:13:49
28Rachel Adamson00:13:51
29Simon Kirkley00:13:54
30Andrew Sears00:13:55
31Adam Jones00:13:56
32Rachel Case00:14:00
33Susanne Stephenson00:14:08
34Steve Attley00:14:12
35Hannah Kirkham00:14:17
36Rachael Estrop00:14:22
37Kerry Smith00:14:25
38Andrew Keogan00:14:29
39Karen Walker00:14:31
40Lysanne Jurriansen00:14:32
41Catherine Eaton00:14:34
42Chris Parkin00:14:39
43Alex Antonopoulos00:14:44
44Kerry Reed00:14:50
45Laura Dickson00:14:56
46Craig MacDougal00:15:01
47Maddie Routledge00:15:01
48Rachael Perowne00:15:04
49Jason Jobes00:15:14
50Gill Parkin00:15:22
51Paul Jones00:15:24
52Stephen Hall00:15:25
53Anna Fawcett00:15:37
54Emma Giles00:15:40
55Emma Moir00:15:42
56Annette Kelly00:15:42
57Rob Savage00:15:48
58Charlotte Blackburn00:16:13
59Darran James00:16:22
60Ian Walton00:16:22
61Stephanie Isaac00:16:41
62Deborah Amis00:16:48
63Bryan Gillingham00:16:49
64Zsofia Nemeth00:16:52
65Scott Wilkinson00:17:04
66Eoghan Quigley00:17:06
67Kirsty Lees00:17:08
68Sara James00:17:46
69Sara Woodman00:17:47
70Jamie Lee00:18:49
71Jill Anderson00:19:14
72Ian Windsor00:19:34


Please get in touch if you notice an error with your result.


Huge thanks to all the members who volunteered for the race :thumbsup:

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    • Randy Orton on 5th April 2016 at 22:01
    • Reply

    Has everyone on that list paid membership fee’s?

  1. technically no one has paid any fees as we are not taking any until after the AGM, there were a number of non members running last who have been advised by myself not to join until after the AGM ,we also had a few who are awating for EA to complete their change of 1st club status [one of them actually marshalled] ,we also had one invited guest runner from another club who had been helping at the junior race prior to the GP. Hope this has been of some help if you need any further information regarding membership please feel free to contact me

    kevin cheetham
    membership secretary

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