2015-16 HL Grand Prix: Points table

Every year, in tandem with the Start Fitness North East Harrier League, the club holds a club competition for its members.

Following every cross country fixture (five Harrier League meets, the Sherman Cup/Davison Shield competition and the North Eastern Championships) points are awarded on participation and on a member’s finishing position. The higher position a member finishes, the higher number of points they score.

Bonus points are awarded to the male & female member deemed to have performed best during a race and also to members who complete every cross-country event during the season (seven in total).

Following last Saturday’s fixture at Wrekenton, the final points tables for the 2015/16 season can be viewed below.

The scores in bold indicate the male/female performance of the day.

(Club captains Paul Hilton and Sinead Coffey select the ‘performance of the day’ athletes)


Women’s Table

NameTanfield LeaSouth ShieldsAykley HeadsDruridge BayNEXCCAlnwickWrekenton7 Fixture Bonus PointsTotal
Charlotte Carpenter130100100170100909070850
Lisa Walker901008080100909070700
Alison Dargie140140100150150680
Rachael Estrop90100100100100100590
Louise Lennox12011595100155585
Sara Tomassini851008510510595575
Heather Dorman100100100100150550
Emma Moir90100808010090540
Sarah Mcmahon8510085858585525
Charlotte Blackburn9010090100130510
Sarah Lindsay Danielles9510095105100495
Lindsey Thompson100959595105490
Kathryn Stevenson17510085100460
Annette Kelly90901009090460
Louise Anne Kelly110100110140460
Laura Irving901007510090455
Michelle Moat95100155105455
Lucy Turzynski100140100100440
Emma Giles10090808080430
Jessica Anderson9510095105395
Eleanor Dowding90100100100390
Imogen Barr95859595370
Sara James115125125365
Faye Slade90909090360
Nicola Brady10595155355
Karen Richardson808080100340
Kerry Reed801008080340
Hannah Farran100135100335
Laura Dickson10510095300
Lisa Mcconnell10095105300
Rachel Case10090110300
Claire Mcelduff1058595285
Rachael Clewlow165105270
Joy Fenwick16595260
Lucy Matheson100155255
Isobel Cairns14595240
Elaine O'Mara115125240
Magda Grinsdale125100225
Hannah Kirkham105115220
Parul Akter110110220
Natalie Bennett95105200
Tracey Cockburn90100190
Mairi Clancy80110190
Margaret Finn85100185
Ellie Charles9090180
Laura Carrick10075175
Karen Walker8090170
Sophie Marr8080160
Jacqueline Etherington155155
Debbie Wardle125125
Vicki Deritis115115
Vicky Gibson110110
Morag Kerry110110
Rosanne McTernan110110
Catherine Eaton105105
Danielle Fegan100100
Catherine Powell100100
Stephanie Mcfarlane100100
Lydia Newton100100
Fiona Conway100100
Amanda Tunmore100100
Lynda Rochester100100
Lindsay Walsh100100
Alison Bulman100100
Melissa Mcpherson9595
Rosanne Mcternan9595
Kayoung Goffe9090
Ann Grenfell9090
Yvonne Huebner9090
Sarah Chadwick9090
Gill Parkin9090
Ailsa Caine8585
Zsofia Nemeth8585
Sophie Wardrobe8080
Lysanne Jurriansen7575
Jenny Logue7575
Joanne Wood7070


Men’s Table

NameTanfield LeaSouth ShieldsAykley HeadsDruridge BayNEXCCAlnwickWrekenton7 Fixture Bonus PointsTotal
Christopher Meek180100125150100808070885
Michael Baker11510011511510011012070845
Alasdair Blain10510010511010011010570805
Alexander Anderson115100115120125125700
John Tollitt9511511510010590620
David Moir1251007510010090590
Nick Howell100115100120155590
Alex Polding90100958011095570
Paul Feeley115100115115100545
John Hurse14510010010585535
Neal Richardson105110105100110530
David Anderson14075105100105525
James Dunce10012585110105525
Richard Tailford95100110100120525
Douglas Tickner105100150150505
Marc Fenwick130120110140500
Arnuad Albertini90100100105105500
Rob Wishart100115145100460
Chris Bartlett105110110110435
James Knox105105110115435
Ian Pickett100105105105415
Paul Turnbull10075707585405
Paul Waller115140140395
Adrian Hall9510095100390
Edwin Wong1009595100390
Malcolm Gibson901008590365
Matthew Tomlinson155100100355
Andy Harrison11014590345
Will Johnson120100125345
Rob Savage100120125345
Alex Black185155340
Nick Pearson110125100335
Matt Walker115100120335
Philip Scott105105115325
Stuart Dickson105110110325
Joel Tepace100100115315
Christopher Huitson10585105295
David Daniels8510085270
Matt Davison8010090270
Terry Scott145110255
Steve Cairns100145245
Chris Parkin120120240
Tom Charlton125100225
Colin Dilks110115225
Graeme Mitchinson110110220
Jonathon Watson105105210
Stuart Collier110100210
Neil Capstick105100205
Andrew Mellon95110205
Lee Cuthbertson90110200
Finn Brodie85110195
Sandy Kerr175175
Nick Joyce160160
Justin Januszewski155155
Andy Smythe150150
Anthony Bagley145145
Tim Kelso140140
David Johnson135135
Danny Fletcher125125
Derek Vardy125125
Paul O'Mara125125
David Appleby120120
Tim Hawkins120120
Iain Dalby120120
Michael Wisely115115
Keith Rooney115115
Dave Antill115115
Neil Banks115115
Kevin Cheetham115115
Charlie Townsend115115
Tyrone Murphy115115
David Curran110110
Eoghan Quigley110110
Alex Antonopoulos110110
Billy Green105105
Steve Pattison105105
Asari Rashid105105
Adam Jones100100
Paul Routledge100100
John Pickering100100
David Colpitts100100
Andrew Ferguson100100
John Day100100
Robert Curry100100
Tom Vardy100100
Chris Sumsion9090
David Wright9090
Keith Smith9090
Tom Colquitt8080


Many congratulations to Charlotte Carpenter and Chris Meek for winning their respective titles and huge thanks to everyone who took part in the 2015/16 Harrier League campaign.

As mentioned elsewhere, the Ladies successfully defended their Division One title and the Men finished 2nd in Division One. :thumbsup:



Many thanks to David Appleby for compiling the scores throughout the season.

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    • Micky Baker on 3rd October 2015 at 17:13
    • Reply

    Ooo sunday name

    • Matty tomlinson on 6th January 2016 at 09:09
    • Reply


    Just letting you know that I have two listings under the first names of Matty and Matthew. The races I have taken part in so far are tanfield South Shields and sledgefield. Thank you.

    1. Hi Matty, sorry about that. I’ve amended the table so you’re only listed once.

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